Beautiful hike. I went with my hiking group. We spent the whole day there. Relaxing, sun bathing, watching butterfly's. Got some amazing pics. Theirs in my Instagram bb_anski. Cliff side some of the hike. Be carful when wet. The width was tight enough j didn't use my poles. You hike down then back up

29 days ago

Such a great hike! The first waterfall (upper falls) is about 1 mile in! Once you get to where the trail continues forward or goes down (forget the name of the 2nd trail) but keep going straight around the corner, there will be two more waterfalls (lower falls)! About 3.5 miles to the lower falls! So beautiful!

Great hike and the waterfalls are impressive, especially early in the year when the water is raging. The hike back uphill to your car is definitely a drag, though!

Great for families or a casual hike as it's quite short and moderate in terms of elevation. There's a waterfall along the way, through beautiful old-growth forest, to the two waiting at the end of the trail. If your GPS is like mine, it is liable to bring you there a number of ways. You'll go through some pretty rough and narrow dirt roads and potentially an old grass-covered road barely the width of a car. The coordinates provided by the site are accurate.

The trail is nice. Not particularly spectacular but you're able to get very close to the waterfalls. The last one, in particular, has some great spots to hang out for a while. The trail is very well maintained. There's really no chance of getting lost.

The website says "lightly trafficked" but I went on a non-holiday weekday morning and still ran into several groups of people.

Overall, I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something casual or for waterfalls.

Beautiful!! Oregon at its finest. walk out is definitely harder.

2 months ago

Stunning views and huge waterfalls! Does it get any better?! Three different waterfalls and I was able to climb down to one (would've explored more of the other two if I had time.) and could've touched it if I wanted to! If you do that, the rocks are slippery! So be careful!! It's a good hike. Mostly downward as you're heading in and then the way out is pretty steep at some points. I hike often so it was horrible but it definitely had me winded at times. We went in July and the scenery was stunning!

2 months ago

It was fun! We did head out the wrong way (be hind the sign for the trail head and bathroom). So we ran into a bee hive so be careful they were not happy!! My kids got stung and a couple of our dogs luckily no one is allergic just made for a ruff start. After that we had a great time the kids did really well... The youngest is five so he needed to look for treasures, so we needed to keep him moving! We made it all the way definitely worth it❤️

Beautiful hike! First waterfall is

3 months ago

Quite a walk, worth every step and haven't seen one person on 3 hikes. There are two routes off 126 to the trailhead. I go past sweet creek for the best road conditions. It is still "kind of" remote, the roads do get over grown, but keep going, the hiking trails are clearer!

3 months ago

This was a beautiful hike with 3 different waterfalls. It was shaded well on a warm day. I loved all of the plants and trees. This trail is in the middle of nowhere and takes quite a while to get to. It is worth the drive.

3 months ago

Beautiful waterfall hike that's perfect for kids!

Check your directions against this website. If a road is closed and you're not prepared for it, it would be pretty difficult to get to. Use this link for directions:

I used Google Maps and it took me down some road labeled as private. I continued anyway. The road was not kind to my poor old car. I'm glad I made it out. Luckily I got to the trail head and had some 3G connectivity on my phone to find the proper way back. There was an abandoned old car on this road. I suggest using the above link for directions and not adding another car to this road's collection!

The hike was nice. Very easy getting to the lower falls. Somewhat more difficult to hike back to the trail head, but I'd rate the entire hike as easy to moderate. Good shade on a hot day. Good forest smells. Tall trees everywhere. Great bird sounds and the hike follows the river, so nice ambient noises. Oh, and lots of bugs!

This guide shows a "junction" (#3 & #4) and stops and then doubles back to the north-something trail. The lower falls is just past the junction (so, not actually on the guide). Very beautiful! It has a great deck space to view both lower falls and eat. I then doubled back and went on to the swimming hole (from the guide) which was nice, but not warm enough for me to want to swim.

Very beautiful hike!

5 months ago

Great hike. Good distance and beautiful falls. The only trouble was getting there. Came off 126 from Eugene and it was a rough road to get up there, lots of potholes in the gravel roads. Using the coordinates off this site on google maps worked for directions.

Oh and there was SO MANY centipedes! Very interesting

A++ hike, but the drive is rough!

6 months ago

I grew up in Eugene, OR, and this is one of my favorite hikes in the whole state. It's challenging enough to be a good workout, and the waterfalls (three of them) are absolutely incredible. I recommend going in summer when the water levels are lower, you can scramble on some of the boulders and get much closer to the falls, and you don't mind if you get wet.

If the trail and the falls were much closer to "civilization", it would take a parking lot with a few hundred spaces to accommodate cars and buses for visitors. The relative short length of the hike (4+ miles round trip, with Upper Falls only 3/4 miles from the parking lot), the beauty of the 3 falls, the well maintained, well graded and shaded trail can easily make this hike a favorite for many.

I enjoyed the trail even more BECAUSE of its remoteness. Coming from Eugene on 126 and via Dunn Ridge Road (in low clouds), the drive to the site feelsf like an adventure. I had read other hikers' reviews and came prepared with GPS directions that eventually guided me right to the parking lot. Without electronic assistance, or a very good (i.e. accurate) map, it would be very easy to take a couple wrong turns and loose quite a bit of time. There was only one 3.8 miles unpaved section: when Dunn Ridge Road "Italics T-bones" into BLM Road 919 (Knowles Creek Road). This section is one lane, with trees/bushes brushing the car on both sides, and a few muddy spots and runoff gullies. Not terrible but easier to manage with a higher riding vehicle (and not a new one...unless you don't care about scratches here and there).

The profile of the trail itself is inverted: go down and down and down... and then climb up on the way back. However, as mentioned above, this is a well cut / well graded trail and suitable for all ages and (almost) any physical shape that can sustain a 4+ mile hike. The steepest slopes are negotiated via small series of switch-backs (3 short ones for Upper Falls -- 4 medium ones for Lower Falls) that make these sections feel just as manageable as those on flatter terrain.

The falls are no Iguazu, Victoria or NIagara for sure, but they have (in the eyes of the beholder) a serene and regal beauty enhanced by the sparse traffic There are a handful of spots on the way down to rest/snack if needed (large stumps can be used as benches); the foot of the falls does not offer a whole lot of space to "spread out" but enough to accommodate the moderate crowds.

A few hundred feet before reaching the lower falls, the North Fork (Smith Falls) Trail branches to the left in a tight hairpin. According to the sign on a tree, the North Fork Trail-head is 6.5 miles from this spot. When I have more time of my hands, and when I am in need of a more vigorous / sustained workout, i may try that different route to the falls (likely even less traveled than the one described here).