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My favorite hike I have to say is down to Rainie Falls. I go annually twice a year. It is beautiful hike and it always clears my mind. Its my sanctuary!

Went after a heavy rainfall in December and the falls were a raging, thunderous torrent. Very impressive.

such a beautiful place

2 months ago

Well-maintained trail.

Beautiful hike! I really loved it. I am not a regular hiker and didn't have any problems doing it. I have smaller kids and wouldn't take them on it.

great views! use a truck to get up there. mid way the road has a spot that is slick and there is a drop off.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike! It's definitely a rapids, not quite a falls, but the small falls all along the way!

I definitely think the South Side was better just looking at the other side of the river; my dad definitely struggled a bit on the rocky terrain but nothing he couldn't handle, he just took it slow. We saw a group of about 75 8 year-old's on the trail! Lots of people rafting as well and beautiful fall colors.

3 months ago

park is closed and appears that the trails are no longer maintained. the big pine is still standing but is dead. It is Beautiful.

Fun trail but be careful it forks of at very beginning of trail and only a tiny handmade sign pointing the right way.

very worth the steep incline. the view is amazing

5 months ago

I've done it a couple of times and it's beautiful. I'm planning on doing the whole Rogue River trail with a few friends soon.

A steep slippery climb to the summit, but great views once you're there. The two miles after feel long, it's a drop right away, but then a lot of variation in elevation before you finally hit the Elk Creek split, so save your energy. It's a beautiful chunk of forest though, mist, clouds, salal berries, moss and not crowded at all. I thought people might be exaggerating but it is a tough one. Bring plenty of snacks and water and enjoy!

5 months ago

Easy trail. Relatively flat with minor elevation changes. It's on the shady side in mornings so if you go in the summer go early.

Not what one expects on a waterfall hike.

Not much lake left, took forever to get there on the oneway gravel road.