mountain biking
2 months ago

Easy loop. Great for a medium length ride with some hills.

busy busy, but wonderful in the spring and fall. Enjoy!

trail running
3 months ago

Nice loop with a little elevation change. Good for quick run.


mountain biking
4 months ago

Love Shevlin Park! It's always a beautiful ride!

4 months ago

Would be good for a nice afternoon bike ride or walk with family, but if you're looking for over the top views and a big climax like some have then this isn't the hike for you . Good warm up trail

Perfect family hike!

Great family friendly trail. Would love to trail run it sometime!

7 months ago

for just a nice walk this is perfect not difficult at all.

We love this park. There is a little bit of something for everyone. In the summer time, maybe stay away for foot traffic is REAL!

Easy hike, Riverview's. Kind of crowded.

Nice hike for kids!

trail running
1 year ago

Really nice park! Forget about hiking boots...take running shoes...easy/moderate terrain. Great for work out! Can get easily crowded....

Excellent moderate hike

The Shevlin Park trail is located near Bend, OR. The trail itself is somewhat maintained and provides a running or hiking trail for the nearby developments in Bend. If you are looking for good views dont go on this trail for that. It only provides views of the nearby river, but is a very bland trail. I would recommend this trail to anyone looking for a fairly long hike, or stroll in the main park.

A really beautiful State Park close to town, with all different activities. I've seen people mountain biking, trail running, fishing, etc. There are trails all over for all different skill levels. Freemont Meadow is very cool. The river runs through it. Lots of visitors.

The loop trail also connects to other trails that head out into the Tumalo Watershed.