relaxed hike, pretty place to be when the sun sets.

Based on the map, this is the Oak Island Loop, but the loop is only around 3 miles, not 7. Regardless, it's a great place to see birds, butterflies and even some wildflowers in late May. But be wary of the cow pies and the poison oak, which is quite prevalent on parts of this trail. Also, right near the trailhead, take the dirt track to the left just before the main trail to visit WagonWheel Hole. It's a very peaceful little area and hardly anyone seems to knows about it.

It's a good nature hike, only issue we had was about 1/3 of it is through cow pastures and there were TONS of cow pies and the flies were relentless!

3 years ago

very pretty, more of a nice nature hike. It can be a little wet later in the year so wear waterproof shoes. If you like birds odds are you'll see many different birds of prey. Took our puppy he had a great time smelling EVERYTHING! twice....:)