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Until Mirror Lake there is not much snow on the trail, but after that, there is so much snow on the trail, but it is still amazing and so much fun.

My husband and I moved to Oregon from Chicago back in March 2016. We are not avid hikers by any means and the Mirror Lake Loop was recommended to us by a co-worker. Once we completed that we continued on to the Tom Dick and Harry Mountain Trail and I am so happy we did! The surprise factor of the view gave me goosebumps! We went in July and it was a totally clear day. Some portions of the trail were a little freaky (again not an experienced hiker) with some rocky edges and narrow paths, but TOTALLY worth it. Definitely want to venture out more often!!

Very accessible hike. We went in late November. Lots of snow, but no need for snowshoes. Incredibly beautiful.

Easy and enjoyable :) a bit slippery now that it's almost December, and definitely some big chunks of snow/ice falling out of the trees that I had to watch out for.

The first 3.3 miles are hell definitely worth it though

One of my favorite hikes of the year! I have to say I completed this one already back in May, when there was still a little bit of snow on the way to the summit. We were actually only planning to do the Mirror Lake loop, but decided to add the hike towards the summit. It was the best decision ever. Such a great hike with an amazing reward at the end: a 360 degrees view overlooking all of the surrounding mountains - dominated by Mt. Hood - and even Mt. Jefferson to the south. Truly a amazing hike that I can recommended to everybody. Especially on a clear day!

Great place to watch salmon swim and jump. Beautiful views of the river. An easy hike with fairly easily traversed trails.

Great day for a nice easy hike, thick forest, river running, nice clear water, saw a couple of salmon , went in the afternoon, only saw 3 other hikers, a couple of campsites set up,

I did this hike for the first time this past Monday 9/12/16. Beautiful views! Easy hike too, & that's coming from someone who is not physically fit.

Fantastic 5 mountain view at summit on a clear day.

Awesome trail with a great reward.

One of my favorites!! The view is unmatched!!

Great trail it is beautiful! Perfect for the kids & family. Along the river most of the trail, so many spots to stop & get your feet wet. Or, even bring a bathing suit for some waste high water levels.

3 months ago

This hike really is a gem. The lake is beautiful and this hike is very obscure so don't expect much foot traffic. Me and my dad were able to relax along the lake without ANYBODY passing by or interfering. Will definitely come back and head up to the Upper Lake.