This trail is a nice trail, it is alot up hill. need some bud spray too. hiked 3 miles and was a great work out.

Wished we had put a car at other end point where it comes out to the road. we were really tired, when we hit the end. someone actually stopped and offered a ride( I took them up on it). beautiful views.

6 months ago

The first part of the hike to the Bigfoot trap was easy, the rest of the way to the top of the Mountain should be called butt kicker.
Difficult hike not moderate. has a few great views never got to the end but did make it to the top. there was an old mine a quater of the way up and found a Morrell mushroom half way up.

Harder then we thought

1 year ago

We hiked up to the Bigfoot trap last weekend. It is great! The miner's cabin is now knocked down and in a pile. However, be very careful. We were taking pictures of the cabin and heard a rattle and looked down and a HUGE rattlesnake was moving and rattling between us. It just moved on across the path between us as we stood still in stunned silence. I did get a great photo but we then moved on after it went under the cabin ruble. We saw a 2nd one just before we got to the road. So be careful!!!

The short hike to the (world's first and only) big foot trap at the beginning of the trail is worth the laughs (and a photo), but careful, rattlesnakes have been seen in the area. The trap has been disabled, so it can no longer capture Squatch nor the much more frequent human visitors. There's also a fallen-down caretaker's cabin.

We did this hike back in Feb. this year. It was a good hike with some pretty views and lots of uphill!! There is poison oak on parts of the trail, so be warned if you catch it. We hiked the 7 miles, then the 3 miles back to our car, which to me the hardest and felt like the longest too! Enjoyed the hike over all.

I went with a group of gals not really knowing what I was getting into. We ended up clocking in at just over 10 miles and it was steep! Over 1700 ft elevation gain. I was definitely in pain that night and the next day. I love to hike and I'm a healthy, young, and adventurous person, BUT this was a bit much for me to start the season off with. If you are an avid hiker or regularly exercise, I'm sure this wouldn't be a problem for you. There are some good views up there but nothing breath taking. I will warn that there is a plethora of poison oak. It is flagging both sides of the trail so thickly that you can't help but touch it at points. I was there early spring when it is in it's deceptive stage: mostly bare branches. Beware! It's just as contagious.
Over-all, this is a great hike if your goal is burning calories outdoors. It's lovely because it Oregon but it's not as enchanting as the coast, or the Redwoods, or say Umpqua Falls area. ;)
Happy trails!

While I haven't hiked the entire length of the trail. I did make it to the Bigfoot Trap and old cabin. If you follow the trail past the cabin it will come out across the street from Watkins Campground on the lake. There were trace amounts of snow, but nothing to get excited about. I appreciate the historical significance more then anything.

scenic driving
3 years ago

Always a nice drive along Dead Indian Memorial Road out to Howard Prairie then to Hyatt Lake then down the Green Springs Rd.