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a great hike in southern Oregon, as the trail leads you through forest and opens to great views of the valley & surrounding mountains. can remain snowy on the north/shadowed side so plan ahead! easily a 3-4 hour loop if you don't hurry through it. dogs love it too.

The scenery was beautiful and the hike was just enough of a workout for me

Snow hahaha

one of my favorites. even my 5 year old granddaughter does this one.

Fun trail! I have driven by it many times headed to Applegate Lake and never saw it. Only complaint about the description is that it doesn't say much about the the trail continuing. It connects to a network of trails. Baldy Peak is the nearest mountain with an actual lookout. Pretty well maintained trail.

lots of downed trees the first mile with the creek rerouted onto the trail for a section. Once you got passed that it was fine until the thick snow towards the top. thankfully a trail runner came the opposite direction so i followed his prints. I would have not known where the trail was otherwise because of the snow. Not many scenic overlooks as I was hoping. Decent trail overall.

28 days ago

I love this hike. But it should be noted that you need high clearance vehicle to cross the stream and should not be attentive during high water. In June the wild flower display is remarkable.

1 month ago

wow this name.... pretty harsh, i think it should be renamed, jeez, insensitive!!!

Hiked this trail on 1-15-17. From Corvallis and was staying in Prospect as part of a family vacation to check out Crater Lake. Saw the parking lot of this place on my way to the store and went to check it out. It's a fairly steep downhill trail and I did it in pajamas and basketball shoes in the snow! Loved it! Cool waterfall. Awesome view! Wish I could've gotten to the bottom of it. I posted pictures! Definitely worth it. Follow my adventures on Instagram @ Robdoesitall

1 month ago

Well-maintained trail and relatively easy to get right down to the Falls.

Well-maintained trails. Great views of the Falls and boulders.

beautiful trail. mostly level. not sure how far we made it. amazing seeing the lake so low.