A fine place for a romantic stroll with tidepools, islands, and the headland with its hidden cove. Sailboarders come from everywhere! When Lincoln City�s beaches are crowded or windy, this sheltered spot just north of town is surprisingly quiet. A short path descends to the beach at the pebbly mouth of a lazy little creek. The north beach is topped by a jumble of quaint old cottages until the beach narrows to the massive Cascade Head. Fragments of lava form ragged islands where comic, long-necked cormorants dry their black wings atop guano-stained roosts. At low tide it�s possible to clamber around the headland�s tip to a secret cove and beach. Don�t linger too long or you�ll have to wait hours until the next low tide to get out!

when you get to the end of the street you have to find parking which is not very accessible it is the driveway on the left follow it around and look for the random blue arrow pointing to the right it's very hard to find the trailhead to start with but once you get going it's a great hike. we got to the top of God's Thumb the wind was blowing between 25 and 30 miles an hour very dangerous at the top when we went but an outstanding View. it says kid friendly but with the wind gusts as large as they were I wouldn't take my kids to the top

Only 1.5 miles of muddy trekking, but gorgeous reward at the end.

3 months ago

This was a unique short hike that would have been very easy, but was dangerously slippery and muddy! Be sure to bring shoes that won't mind getting caked. Starts out in what looks like someone's backyard (was a little tricky to find - at the end of the cul-de-sac) with a short climb, then goes through a rain forest-like area , then reaches a wooded flat section that gives fun peeks of the coastline, then goes through thick (pokey - bring long sleeves) berry bushes, finally reaching the epic "Thumb" in an open coastal meadow. Climbing the Thumb requires straight up almost vertical hiking, but this part is very short and worth it. From the top of the the Thumb, there are steep drop offs and amazing views! I would not recommend for younger children in those super-muddy conditions, but otherwise a great hike for a different perspective.

6 months ago

One of the most beautiful views of the coast from the top of the trail, great for kids.