Easy trail. I loved the info plaques along the trail. Lots of geese and ducks.

Gorgeous trail. Usually pretty busy. Great views of the river. Love the informational plaques on one side of the trail. It's a very easy walk.

The view from the bridge is gorgeous and the trail is well maintained and easy to walk, because this is a gorge, the river is difficult to see.

beautiful hike and easy


trail running
7 months ago

Be sites use this awesome trail for running

Easy to access but you feel like you have gone out of town.

A great, easy, in-town, hike from Old Mill District. A loop that crosses the Deschutes, so get to see from both sides...

the trail just has way too much bike traffic, not a good trail for little ones and dogs....next time i will drive my truck down the trail to show the people on bikes what it's like.
the trail is ok ish but the bikes have got to go

This is a very well traveled trail great for a hike/run along the Deschuttes River. Most of the trail is easy access for an off-road stroller, however, therefore very busy! 2 great foot bridges provided by the Central Oregon Irrigation District for access around their Hydro-Power facility and the State of Oregon Parks to provide a loop trail up up river.

Fantastic. Lot of plaques along the way to explain what we were looking at. Great for our 8 and 9 year old. Plus part of the trail does not allow bikes.
Very beautiful!!

It's a pretty easy hike for the whole family. We did it twice, once with 3 adults aged 32-55, and the second time as a big group of 7 adults, 2 kids, and 2 babies. It can get shady and chillier on parts of the trail, and there's a bit of an uphill grade and very minor rocky climbing parts. I walked it wearing flat fashion/non-hiking boots one of the times, so it was definitely not too bad.

Rode Phil's trail the last 15 years I lived in Bend, never got tired of it. It's an amazing place!

Fabulous hike for the experienced and NON. A must see.

Easy & Beautiful!

Beautiful! Simply beautiful.