I only did one trail. I will definitely go back with my kids and take a few different routes! A lot of dogs on this one.. almost stepped in poop:(

Great hike! multiple trail heads and the view is beautiful.

Beautiful park. Great trail through forested area. Got a good workout.

Another of the area parks that really make Portland stand out for me. It's a nice local spot to get out and stretch your legs, jog, walk the dogs. The perimeter trails are ok for mountain biking, but the park has thankfully started putting up 'no bikes' signs on the central trails close to the visitors center although people still do it and it creates a hazard to have mountain bikes cone zipping downhill on a singletrack where there is heavy pedestrian traffic and large numbers of dogs on leash. If you come here to ride, just start out on the cinder drive on the north and west sides of the visitor center and parking areas, you'll get to the wooded singletrack soon enough and without running people down. Anyway, I rate it higher than 3 stars for a city park, has nice views on a clear day of Mt Hood, Helen, Adams, and lots of wildflowers in season, I usually see deer here in the evenings, and it's a nice way to enjoy nature without even leaving the city, but it's not what I look for when it comes to hiking & trails either.

great place to go

We love this place. Powell Butte has fantastic trails for all levels.

This is a great urban hike. Not difficult. I like to bring my kids up here because you can modify the trip to make it longer or shorter according to your needs by choosing extra loops. I've seen some pretty awesome wildlife as well.

I nice spot in the city to walk with your dog. Great views!