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did this with the mtb today, solid rub. a lot of climbs and fun down slopes. pretty technical with the roots and rocks abound.

A definite elevation gain right at the beginning and in the middle of this hike. It was a beautiful hike, and perfect in early September. There is a point at which you are on a sand dune but also in forest...so lovely. Saw a blue heron at the lake. Met no other hikers despite several hours on the trail. The several bridges on the trail were in excellent repair.

Beautiful scenery!

mountain biking
5 months ago

Nice trail over all. A few unexpected roots on tight corners, but was having so much fun, I rode it twice!

excellent trail. very diverse in land types. only pain was the sand, however it wasn't too bad all in all. I would go back, but beware of summer time as the beach is closed off (to a degree) as it is a nesting area for a protected species.

An excellent trail with diverse environments: forest, dunes, ocean and, especially, the swimmable Threemile lake with sandy bottom. It is not often that one can make a splash on the way, ponds/lakes/creeks sometimes have rocky bottom that one can injure feet in. Highly recommended.

A nice August morning hike. This was s perfect day to hike this trail. Great trail with lots of greenery and forest type hike. Don't forget to have $5 cash on you. This is a pay site. Worth the $5.

this trail was awesome. hit it with the mountain bike. it is a pretty technical trail. kind of slow but the views makeup for how rough it was.

mountain biking
7 months ago

A short but beautiful hike around this lake. I did this trail at sunset which was really pretty. It's a simple but beautiful hike. Worth your time :)

7 months ago

This trail would receive more stars but... 1) take the right trail towards camp ground to the N bridge. It is lovely to shoot photos from, but dont expect this time of year to go any further than the campground. The trail around the lake on that half is overgrown. I tried going down it a ways but could see quite a distance and the trail was all swamp land covered in muddy water. I guess if you dont mind hiking thru the mud and becoming dinner for mosquitos, go for it. I had to back track and go left at the sign. It was worth being bitten by the little blood suckers as the south bridge has benches and I was left alone by the mosquitos there. I could have sat a while but it was getting a little too windy. I did go to the end of the bridge but did not see how far around I could have gotten to the marsh bog trail. I will do this trail again. However the tracking on my phone worked but would not upload to the site. I like my "mapmyhike" app much better. If you take this "hiking" trail, wear repellant, and put some on the 4 legged friends if you are walking them too. No birds seen, no fish seen, one dragonfly.

we were so bit up by mosquitos we had to turn back after making it across the bridge and I would never have made it across sand dunes to the ocean as I have an ankle I broke in 2006 it does not do well over dunes at all. rolls too much. I advise to heavily think about repellant before taking this trail.

Good hike but no dogs allowed