6 days ago

Great little place to get away for a short walk or run in the trees. Facilities at both ends of the park. Parts of the trail do flood occasionally during the rainy season and the wooden bridges can be extremely slippery when wet.

trail running
16 days ago

One of my favorite inner-city hikes. Great for jogging and walking dogs.

Love coming here! Beautiful scenery dogs are welcome, has poop bags available at the beginning of trail.

I love this trail.

on Noble Woods Trail

1 month ago

Nice walk!!!!

trail running
2 months ago

My daily run! Parts paved and parts wood chips. Bathrooms and water fountain at both entrances!

3 months ago

Nice little hike.

3 months ago

Nice little trail though it floods in the winter.

nice little park for when you need a quick dose of green nearby

Nice paved road. Wouldn't really call it hiking but it is nice to get some trees around you. You can bring dogs as long as they are leashed.

Very Nice, except No Bike Allowed.

They say to make it safer for walkers.

Paved and Chip paths, Great all year.

This is near my house, so it is a nice little get away to see some green. Very small park. Not much of a hike. Mostly paved trails.

This is a cute little park that is populated with lots of trees, providing great shade. In its center is a creek that you cross over 2 bridges. There are side trails that offer nice privacy and spots for deep thought. Due to its short length and close proximity to businesses, this is a nice place to take a break or a lunch while at work. They have covered picknic tables and an open grass field. It even stocks a few bathrooms for your convenience.

1 year ago

Really short trail with some magnificent trees right at the trail head. Nice place to decompress after a day at work.

2 years ago

Lovely little forested park: an easy walk in loops around two parking lots, via asphalt and hard ground with little rocks (firm at this time of year).
Shaded for the most part, with Sun peeking through in some clearings. A couple of elevation changes, but are not very long and has firm ground under foot. Clean restrooms.
A nice little jaunt close-in for a walk or a jog: dog friendly.