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Located twenty miles east of the city of Portland, Oregon and the northern Willamette River valley, the Mt. Hood National Forest extends south from the strikingly beautiful Columbia River Gorge across more than sixty miles of forested mountains, lakes and streams to Olallie Scenic Area, a high lake basin under the slopes of Mt. Jefferson.

6 days ago

Nice easy stroll with great views. Went camping on the west side of the lake where there was less traffic.

on Umbrella Falls Trail

13 days ago

a gorgeous hike.

15 days ago

So beautiful! I did this hike in August 2016 solo. If you like waterfalls then don't miss this hike. I started at Wahtum Lake and finished at Eagle Creek campground. Many people stopped at Tunnel Falls if you can do the whole hike do because there are so many falls above there that are note worthy! I cant wait until I can go summer 2017 with a bunch of girlfriends

Not the full loop trail. Just an out and back to the top.

Started out at 6:00 AM. It was about 40°F and dark enough to need head lamps or other lights. Trail was easy and safe though muddy, snowy/icy, and slick in locations. Boots with good traction are recommended if heading out this time of year. I wore a base layer, plus my top layer and a jacket which was plenty for is warmth. Upon arriving at the top, cloud cover was dense enough to restrict visibility to about a half mile but the views were still breathtaking. Wind wasn't too bad though a windbreaker/rain jacket may be useful. The morning mist provided some excellent photos and overall was a very relaxing and beautiful hike. Recommended.

I absolutely love this hike! The views in any season are breathtaking. I try to do it a couple times a year.

Beautiful hike in the winter. amazing scenery.

Beautiful trail with a great viewpoint. Good elevation gain, but nothing too difficult. There was still a few inches of snow in most spots today (12/26), but I did it without micro spikes and there was only one tough spot close to the viewpoint where the trail gets narrow. Only saw one other person while I was there, so it was nice and quiet if you can tune out the highway. Definitely recommend, especially in the snow!

Hiked on 12/25/16-very difficult with snow, ice and lack of trail visibility. I made it to the falls. Very great hike-can't wait to hike again under warmer conditions.

Went 12/25/16. We stopped about 30 minutes from triple falls since it was getting dicier out with the ice/snow on the trail. If we had our hiking poles or spikes, it wouldn't have been so sketchy.

Amazing Christmas Day hike!

29 days ago

A nice easy loop. I'm not sure if I missed a sign or if the only trail in the winter is the road. I was expecting to go around the lake but ended up only passing by it at the dam and then going out and around on the forest service road. No views of Hood with all the clouds but the forest was quite nice and just a moderate amount of traffic on a weekday.

1 month ago

Did this at night under the super moon. Once you got out of the forest a headlamp was no longer needed. The majority of the trail was covered in a few inches of snow that had frozen solid. I'd highly suggest a pair of spikes or other traction devices as climbing the switchbacks was very slick. I was the only one on the trail and enjoyed a gorgeous albeit windy view of the gorge, Portland and the moon.

I was up at the top for about an hour resulting in my hydration pack freezing solid. Oops.

Relatively easy hike with lots of nice little pockets along the way. Mixed terrain and a little difficult at the end just cuz it gets slippery near the waterfall but this is a must go simply because you can get all the way behind the waterfall. Very beautiful.

Have been here 2x in the last 3 months. It is a very straight forward and easy trail. The rock slide is not a problem to cross. We did it on a snowy day on 12/06/16. Just use caution as snow can cover unsupported voids in the rocks. Expect to see many people on any day of the week. Worth the stop every time.

My Saturday afternoon cleared up so I decided to give this a go. I made it to the John B Yeon trailhead around 2 in the afternoon. The parking lot was packed with EMS and sheriff vehicles which I thought was odd. I ended up parking along the shoulder and walking up to the trailhead. On the way up I crossed a few small parties that quickly thinned out after Elowah falls.

I stopped, took a break and ate a snack at the first viewpoint on the way up to Munra point. As I continued climbing I decided to lighten my load. I ditched my pack and sticks as it was mostly scrambling up the slick rocks at this point. Right before I made it to the top I came across my first and only fellow hiker, he mentioned I would be the only one at the top, asked if I had a flashlight and wished me good luck. Once I finally summited I took a few pictures, enjoyed the view and began to make my way back. The sun set a lot faster than I had anticipated forcing me to use my handheld flashlight as the rest of my gear was further down trail. The chimney was fairly challenging holding the flashlight in my mouth but by taking it slow and feeling out the footholds I made it down without issue. About an hour of scrambling and carefully checking the trail later I made it back to my pack. I stopped and again enjoyed the view from the first viewpoint. There were a few helicopters circling over head that I thought were odd but didn't look much into. With my headlamp on and sticks back in hand I continued my decent without issue. It was fairly muddy do to the rain/snow that had been coming down the last hour but the exposed roots offered solid footing. Once I made it to the bottom I enjoyed the mostly level trek back.

At the fork to Elowah Falls and Upper McCord falls I came across a SAR team working on locating and recovering a hiker that had fallen earlier in the day. I stopped and talked to them briefly, mentioned I had not seen or heard anything and continued on my way. Once I made it to the parking lot EMS, SAR and sheriff vehicles occupied all the open spots. Looking back on the ridges I could see headlamps and spot lights from the helicopter all converging on one point.

I checked the news the next morning and learned they had recovered the hiker shortly after that with non life threatening injuries. They had fallen before I even started my hike and it took SAR crews over 6 hours to successfully airlift them out.

On that note, I would not recommend this hike unless it is dry and you have plenty of daylight. I did not anticipate it to be nearly that difficult or involve that difficult of terrain. Bring water, bring good shoes, pack a flashlight, snacks and a shell, take your time and enjoy one of the best views in all of the gorge.

Reviewing the timestamps on my photos:
I started shortly after 2PM
Made it past Elowah falls to the bike trail around 2:45
Made it to the first view point on the way up around 3:30
Stopped and took a break until about 4:00
Made it past the chimney around 4:30
Started heading back down around 5:00
Made it back to my gear around 5:45
Made it back to my car around 7

Good luck and be safe.