mountain biking
25 days ago

Short loop with forest like features and an excellent view of Portland. Very accessible for hikers and bikers. Good place to sit and think.

This is a pretty trail to hike, especially early in the morning. Some areas have decent vistas but there isn't one high peak where you'll see everything.

Another nice city park, I frequent it for walking the dogs.

2 months ago

Went during a weekday to catch the sunset. Moderately trafficked. Very beautiful view. I definitely recommend it. Don't forget bug spray as there are mosquitoes! Free parking.

Nice trail

One of my favorite places in the city. Great place to take a dog and you can make it as easy or difficult as you want with the variety of trails and stairs. Gorgeous views!

4 months ago

Fabulous !!

4 months ago

Fun walk through the park with great views and lots of Pokemon.

Great park

trail running
5 months ago

Good times - you can run a couple random routes and have fun

Nice and relaxing walk through the city park. Great view of downtown on a clear day.

A good east city hike :)

Good variety of trail, fields, courts and terrains.

This is a beautiful hike but super tough on my lungs. People with asthma be warned. The dogs love this one, but keep them on leash. However, there is a great off leash area at the beginning, or end, depending on how you like to do things. :)