Another nice city park, I frequent it for walking the dogs.

1 month ago

Went during a weekday to catch the sunset. Moderately trafficked. Very beautiful view. I definitely recommend it. Don't forget bug spray as there are mosquitoes! Free parking.

Nice trail

One of my favorite places in the city. Great place to take a dog and you can make it as easy or difficult as you want with the variety of trails and stairs. Gorgeous views!

2 months ago

Fabulous !!

3 months ago

Fun walk through the park with great views and lots of Pokemon.

Great park

trail running
3 months ago

Good times - you can run a couple random routes and have fun

Nice and relaxing walk through the city park. Great view of downtown on a clear day.

A good east city hike :)

Good variety of trail, fields, courts and terrains.

This is a beautiful hike but super tough on my lungs. People with asthma be warned. The dogs love this one, but keep them on leash. However, there is a great off leash area at the beginning, or end, depending on how you like to do things. :)

A quick hike up Mt. Tabor always get the heart pumping.

Nice place to do anything activity wise really. Good spot at the top where there is a nice overlook of the city.

right in my backyard, gotta love the views!