Minto-Brown Island Park is a great place. I go there to walk, run, and ride bikes. There is a huge dog park with. Large fields. Over 10 miles of trails.

I enjoyed the set up. You can take your dog with ease. There is a great open field where your dog can be off leash to decent trails where we encountered joggers, walkers and bikers. Though it seemed busy upon arrival, I believe that due to the spaces it gave people distance and it then felt more quiet and calm.
I will be returning.

Excellent signage, wide trails. Perfect for walking with or w/o dog, biking, running. Vast improvement from decades ago when I used to in line skate here.

I enjoyed the dog park and the walk with the dogs. Trails are mainly asphalt and pretty much level all the way around. There are three parking areas to use. Biking is also an option as well.

It's more of a walk than a hike, but still a very pretty park and worth visiting. My dog loves it, too.

it had a lot to offer, me being a lazy dog lover it was perfect for me.

6 months ago

Nice trail. We had some time to kill before meeting with others for dinner. Found this trail and walked about 1.5 miles of it. Nice paved trail with some decent views.

Very beautiful and peaceful park. Never been here before and loved it! We can not wait to go back. Everyone we passed on the trails were super friendly.

on Minto-Brown Island Park

8 months ago

Wasn't that happy. Every trail was closed or flooded. Nothing marking the trails or directions. Rude people and not that great of views. Hope it gets better

8 months ago

Nice sized park with many different areas and activities. Safe area for dogs to free-roam.

pretty natural park, good for kids

Walked the river at sunset. Wow, the river is golden with the setting sun. There is a lot to explore on this island oasis. The city of Salem is working on a foot bridge to connect three city parks. This being the last. Great place for Oregonians to do what they do best... get outdoors. We will return many times to this place.

Awesome! Especially with family.

This is a nice for running and walking