it's a good bike highway between springfield and eugene

road biking
4 months ago

We walked a loop that took us over Coburg Road and by Skinner Butte. The "trail" is actually a cement walkway that parallels the Willamette river on both sides. We walked on a very cold and foggy New Years Day but many people were using the trail. I'm sure the views are beautiful when the sun is out.

road biking
4 years ago

Great Scenic Ride or Walk, you might get a little lost near the U of O campus as it goes through parking lots. Park at Valley River and do a couple laps while your wife is shopping :)

A very enjoyable path that runs alongside the Willamette River. Great for a weekend bike ride through the heart of Eugene, or a walk on a fall afternoon. There are many views available of the river along the trail, as well as parks. Perfect path to bring along the kids and the camera.