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Beautiful views! It didn't really feel like a mile. Would love to come back for sunrise/sunset

view was amazing, love the siuslaw national forrest. the hike wasn't a hike it was more of a drive to the top and an enormously steep uphill climb that lasts all but 3-5 minutes. check out the wild flowers.

Amazing hike! Perfect for a hot day... Minimal sun until you hit the last part. Only ran into a few people!

I started the hike at Connor's camp and I thought the hike was beautiful the whole way. It's not steep and the trail has been maintain really well. I would rate this hike as easy.

The view is worth the incline :)

Great views from the summit. On a clear day you can see the Coast Range, Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood.

beautiful views at the top on a clear dats- check the 6 mountains!

5 months ago

Amazing views!!

My dog and I had a great time hiking this trail on a sunny afternoon. It took us about an hour to summit and 40min to descend. Met very few people on the way. Quiet and peaceful. Somewhat challenging.

I loved this place ❤

Hiked this trail Thursday afternoon, March 3, 2016. This is the north approach up Mary's Peak from Woods Creek Road. It's 9 miles long from the trailhead exactly, 2200 foot climb to the top, with a beautiful view. The trail is in pretty good shape with a few fallen trees across the path. This is a good, challenging half day hike.

Steep, beautiful - still fairly busy on the weekend I went.

1 year ago

Fantastic hike through old growth. You get to see how the vegetation gradually changed to alpine spruce as you ascended to the summit. We took the east ridge trail from Conner's Camp, which was a good 2+ mile ascent. I recommend this one if you're looking for a good hike that will take you about 2-3 hours and make you feel like you earned it when you reach the summit. The view at the top is stunning--a 360 degree panorama with the entire willamette valley in sight to the west, all of the volcano peaks (Three Sisters, Mt Hood and Jefferson, Mt St Helens and even Mt Rainier on a clear day) in view. To the west, you have the entire coast range as your foot stool, and the deep blue pacific on the horizon. One of my favorite hikes in Oregon.

Really liked this hike. The smoke haze started drifting in while we were hiking, but even with that killing the views it was a nice hike. We did not encounter that many people on the hike, just a few here and there. There is a nice side trail from the road to the top that is incredibly steep, a nice little challenge for the legs!

This was a bit tougher then I had imagined. I have never hiked before. We made it to the top lot but do to time restrictions were unable to summit. I felt elated when finished! I loved this beyond words and cant wait to do the trail AND summit next time!