Tragically, the bare hillsides have been appropriated as unofficial shooting ranges. The entire trail (not just the hillsides) is littered with detritus from recreational gunfolk, and the noise was inescapable. Obviously no wildlife was present, not even a bird in sight.
This being said, the lookout point might be worth the short walk on a weekday when, hopefully, nobody's shooting.

Beautiful views! It didn't really feel like a mile. Would love to come back for sunrise/sunset

I started the hike at Connor's camp and I thought the hike was beautiful the whole way. It's not steep and the trail has been maintain really well. I would rate this hike as easy.

The view is worth the incline :)

Great views from the summit. On a clear day you can see the Coast Range, Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood.

beautiful views at the top on a clear dats- check the 6 mountains!

8 months ago

Amazing views!!

My dog and I had a great time hiking this trail on a sunny afternoon. It took us about an hour to summit and 40min to descend. Met very few people on the way. Quiet and peaceful. Somewhat challenging.

I loved this place ❤

Hiked this trail Thursday afternoon, March 3, 2016. This is the north approach up Mary's Peak from Woods Creek Road. It's 9 miles long from the trailhead exactly, 2200 foot climb to the top, with a beautiful view. The trail is in pretty good shape with a few fallen trees across the path. This is a good, challenging half day hike.