It is an OK trail. Great for a quick run. It isn't too isolating; you can hear cars on roads. The column is beautiful and maintained very well. Worth going if you are familiar with history.

Awesome hike and beautiful!

If you are an avid hiker or backpacker, skip this one. At about a mile each way, it's a boring trail to an uninteresting tree as you've probably seen thousands of others that elicited more oohs and ahhs than this one.

Great! Enjoyed the old trees.

Great for a little hike.

great work out. super muddy but other then that great hike

Fairly easy trail. November 7 2015. Raining hard. Very foggy was so beautiful.

Beautiful hike coupled with the Astoria Column...what's NOT to like? All of my guests thoroughly enjoy it.

Great mild challenge for the family. My youngest is 5 and she did well. Will do it again for sure!

Fun trail. The Column is one of my favorite places in Astoria. A spiral staircase leads to an observation deck at the top with beautiful views of Astoria.

Enjoyed this trail today with my wife and daughters. Pretty short and the trail was easy walking. Very scenic especially for us being Midwesterners. First hike of our vacation and this was a great little taste of what Oregon offers. The column was great with beautiful views. The girls launched their little planes and had a blast taking it all in.

I love Astoria, it will always have a place in my heart. The column is cool but I'm more of a nature fan. It's pretty awesome that it is lit up at night though. Wish the park was open at night. Of course we did the stairs to the top and went out on the observation deck. That was enjoyable.

Pretty and typical Oregon coast hike, but short. The sign says 1 mile from the lower street to Cathedral tree. I did that stretch in 7 minutes, so either I can run pretty fast or the distance is wrong. The second stretch, from the tree to the column, took about 15 minutes. A sign at the column claims that this stretch is 1.5 miles. Again, this seems very wrong. I would guess that is more like 1 mile from the street to the column with the tree about 1/3 of the way in.