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Harris Beach was named after the Scottish pioneer George Harris who settled here in the late 1880s to raise sheep and cattle. The park boasts the largest island off the Oregon coast. Bird Island (also called Goat Island) is a National Wildlife Sanctuary and breeding site for such rare birds as the tufted puffin. The park offers sandy beaches interspersed with eroded sea stacks.

One of the most incredible sunsets I've ever seen was here at Harris. Dropped in to camp at Harris State Park on a road trip down the 101.

1 month ago

East climb to the top of a butte with view or the area

2 months ago

Fun little hike down to Rockway beach

2 months ago

Short easy trail the parallels the road and has views of the ocean

The actual trail between the trail signs at each end isn't very interesting because of all of the trees which limited the view. However if you start at the top once you get to the parking lot the views are stunning.

The view was amazing!

Beautiful beach

Beautiful beach along the Oregon coast near Brookings, OR.