Guy Webster Talbot and his family used this property as a summer estate until 1929 when they donated it to the state. Today, it's a beautiful picnic park. A modern picnic shelter is available for rent (and is reservable).While the park is terrific for a group or family picnic, the park is often uncrowded even on the best days because of its seclusion. A gently sloping grassy hill dotted with Port Orford cedars, Douglas firs, alders and maples invites frisbee tossing and quiet relaxation. The tiny town of Latourell (pop. 12) borders the north side of the park. Homeowners ask that visitors please respect their privacy. A trail underneath the Historic Columbia River Highway bridge leads directly to Latourelle Falls (250' tall), only a few minutes away by foot.

Perfect easy trail.

great, up close and personal with the waterfall...Kids loved it. we did it on the way to Multnomah

Beautiful waterfall views with w fall you can view from behind. A longer loop on the right side of the trail.

2 months ago

Best view of falls is at the trailhead. Hike takes you to the top of the falls. Parking at all the trail lots was very crowded.

Easy walk up to two separate falls points - beautiful vista on the first and a nice gulch-like setting on the second. Super beautiful and easy.

This is a fun hike. The highlight was the cliff - the small trail about two thirds where you'll see a 'Loop Trail' sign that veers to the right of it. Towards the end we had arrived at the second waterfall that you could walk up to, experience the water splash and mist. Very invigorating. Therefore, I recommend you start the loop trail from the left (coming from the parking lot) rather than the right.

I really liked this hike it seemed easy to intermediate, the falls and scenery are amazingly beautiful. I liked how it's a great place to take my dog hiking with me.

Cute, short hike that is close to eastside PDX.

2 months ago

Interesting geology at each waterfall.

Great trail but may need some more marking as we went down a few legs of the hike before realizing they didn't lead anywhere.

One of my favorite trails! So beautiful!

Was a great place for a first time hike, just enjoy the outdoors. Just Beautiful!

This is a decent trail. It is pretty easy to climb as well. It also didn't feel too crowded. I am only giving it 4 stars because it was not very clear where to go. I know I know...but that is how I felt. :)

Great little hike. Two beautiful sets of falls. Easy access and parking.

I really enjoyed it! I hiked up to the very top and then back down to very bottom and took pics at both! Great hike.

If you keep going up there's a second waterfall!!