Enjoyed the walk with good view, farmers market under burnside bridge, festival at Hawthorne bridge and row boat races.

3 months ago

Great Walk along the river in the downtown area. You can follow this up with a walk up to the zoo or OHSU you to ride the sky tram to grab a different perspective view of the city. I meander along the trail and others within forest park often. A beautiful stop is always the rose gardens that overlook the city a nice spot to relax and literally smell the roses. Grab a fresh coffee and a water go explore.

I really enjoy doing this loop and further. There is a lot of walking traffic though but it's never too much only if there's an event going on. There's a lot of homeless people out and smells going on but it's a great solid loop.

Our local walking & running loop. The east side of the river is a great place to take photos of the city :)

road biking
9 months ago

Great fun on a bike! Add on Springwater trail for nice long ride from country to city
Nice walk too but better for cycling:)

Too many bicyclists...who are rude and do not signal to them that they are coming.

trail running
1 year ago

Spectacular view of downtown portland. Great for a jog or bike riding as well. The loop is a go to for a last minute bike ride outing for my boyfriend and I.

3 years ago

Beautiful walk. Bikes can be a little aggressive so watch out.

Go on a nice day, the walk us fun and you can't beat heading to Saturday market!

Not a bad little walk if you are in the Portland area for the day. Nice views of the Willamette and downtown PDX. We traveled clockwise, which seemed to be the direction of choice for other walkers and bikers as well. Crossing the Steel Bridge was way loud, as a cargo train was coming in and screeching to high heaven. The Hawthorne was much less eventful.

Nice easy run. Can be completed during a lunch break.

The Esplanade to Waterfront Park loop is a very leisurely walk that takes you on both sides of the Willamette and across the Hawthorne and Steel Bridges. It's a perfect stroll on a nice day if you have friends or family visiting. This is a heavily used bike thoroughfare, so you may want to keep a close watch on small children.