Like a desert mirage, this National Natural Landmark rises huge out of the barren, immense flatness of Oregon's high desert. An enormous near-circle of towering jagged rock walls make it seem like a fort. Hike around and you'll soon realize it's even bigger than it looks! It's an old tuff ring set in what was a shallow sea in prehistoric times. As you walk around inside, imagine the early American Indians who canoed to and from what was then an island. Sandals found in a nearby cave are the oldest ever discovered, dating back around 9,000-13,000 years

I took the loop trail around the interior of the rock plus a side trip up to the small lookout that has a great view of the cave where, in 1938, human relics were discovered that were dated over 9000 years ago. The rock formations are spectacular and the trail easy to navigate. There were very few people out here today and we practically had the place to ourselves. Bad weather probably had something to do with that but it didn't slow us down.