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Beautiful hike but trail is not clearly marked! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before the sun goes down!

Absolutely Beautiful!! One of my favorite hiking places.

Perfect directions to the location. Beautiful area. Thanks Oregon!! Highlight of the walk--at the very time my coffee was kicking in--BAM--a porta-potty in the middle of the trail...perfection!! Even tho it rained lightly while on this trail, I didn't get soaked because of the canopy of trees. It remained pretty damp and the sound of rain, surrounding me was calming with The Biggest leaves I'd seen in my life.

2 months ago

This hike was quick and easy, but definitely a workout from start to finish. It was pretty peaceful and there was hardly anyone on the trail; which was nice. If you are looking for a short hike near St. John's, I would recommend this one, but expect to be a little sore afterwards if you haven't hiked in awhile.

Easy pleasant hike.

I paired Newton Rd with Wildwood Trail to make a short loop with an out and back extension on the Newton Road. I liked that it followed the ridge down towards Hwy 30 so that we got a nice workout in a few minutes. The elevation changes quite quickly in a couple of spots but thankfully levels out in between. A really nice workout. The trail is roomy (it's a road, but narrows to a trail) and looks to be used by mountain bikers, but we didn't see any. I don't know how the connection goes down at Hwy 30 since we didn't go all the way down. The Newton Road was not marked on Google maps but there is a street sign on Skyline Blvd. The Newton Road Trailhead has a nice roomy parking lot, but no potty. The forest is lush. Some wildflowers were blooming. We saw a tiger lilly and many more budding.

6 months ago

Good, quick, in-town conditioning hike, albeit short. Travels steeply at times from near the base of Germantown Rd up to Skyline road. Turn onto the Wildwood trail to lengthen your outing.

steep uphill in parts. Good hike. Beautiful scenery. Not much parking. Carpool if possible.

Awesome hike with great forest views. Paths are well maintained. I loved that they were wide enough that we could hike side by side instead of single file.

Hit a perfect after work spring day for a hike. Wonderful views, beautiful and colorful rock formations, wildlife - what more could you ask for? As it was a weekday in the late afternoon there were few others on the trail, which made this hike almost zen-like. Simple and relaxing.

A nice easy loop for a Sunday morning. The trilliums were in full bloom, blanketing the forest floor with white and pink flowers. We were thrilled and totally distracted by them at first. The novelty finally wore off and we continued on our journey.

I loved the deep forest feel with a variety of trees: lacey cedars, towering firs and canyons of alder groves. The trail is well-maintained and moderately busy, but there was always room to pass other hikers.

We began with Dogwood Trail, descended down, across Wildwood Trail, turned right on Lief Erickson Dr, until you come to Wild Cherry Trail, turn right up the hill, back across Wildwood Trail and back to the car.

8 months ago

Those wishing for scenic views, avoid this trail. I got lost on the fire road part of this trail and had to back track to the Wildwood Trail.

10 months ago

11 months ago

This was a really good trail with steep elevation gains in the beginning (from Germantown Rd entrance). The trail was a bit soggy in certain parts of Wildwood Trail. The final stretch along the road is a bit tricky. Make sure to wear bright colors so when you're walking back up Germantown Rd you're highly visible to traffic.