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The Deschutes National Forest is a United States National Forest located in parts of Deschutes, Klamath, Lake, and Jefferson counties in central Oregon. It comprises 1.8 million acres along the east side of the Cascade Range.

Beautiful hike! The burnt forest and a special spookiness to it.

Great trail. Beautiful scenery on an October weekday. Enjoyed the diversity of views.

Great ride to get your feet under you. First half is a slight rise while the latter is almost entirely downhill. There are a few technical spots on the second half worth keeping an eye out for but overall it's a pretty easy ride. Watch out for the small gaps between the trees.

Great hike in a beautiful forest! Road was a bit bumpy coming in and parking is limited. Easy hike and there is a branch in the hike that brings you right to the falls- it's great!

Great hike for fat out of shape people and their dogs. The scenery is amazing in the Fall, it is a good trail for those trying to get in shape. I hiked from Benham to Dillon and back.

The trail to the top of the waterfall is nice but a better trail can take you behind and under the waterfall.

on Tumalo Falls

19 days ago

on Boyds Cave

19 days ago

Breathtaking views with varying types of foliage. Perfect for the fall, we walked through some light snow but the walk is just difficult enough that we stayed plenty warm. The first 1/3 or so is a fairly steep climb uphill but it mellows out and makes for an easy journey back.

23 days ago

Nice hike through through a sort of Hansel & Gretel like forest. It's a shared trail with bikes, so be aware.

Mostly trees and shade until the last 1/2 mile. Too steep to run down. Beautiful all around.

Awesome, easy trail with very light traffic on a weekday besides a couple of mountain bikes. Would be a great trail for a run or a dog that doesn't mind bikes.

trail running
26 days ago

amazing! loved every minute. nice assortment of uphill, downhill, flat, awesome views.