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Aa year-round recreational area offering the best of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, biking, golf, whitewater rafting and kayaking, windsurfing and kiteboarding, boating, bird watching, photography, downhill and cross country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing – the list is endless. Just taking a drive through the Columbia River Gorge is an experience in itself as you will be in awe of this spectacular geological wonder. The Columbia River is the second largest river in North America, starting in northern Idaho and southeastern British Columbia, and traveling over 1,200 miles to the ocean. Through millenniums of geologic events, waterfalls have found their home in the Columbia River Gorge. A visit to the area is not complete without a visit to the breathtaking waterfalls.

Real nice hike with plenty of water falls . Rock's are slippery when wet be careful.

2 days ago

great hiking:)

mountain biking
10 days ago

not a lot of fun Mountain biking in October in the rain. Trails were rutted and muddy. Only wildlife were some birds. From a positive perspective, only saw one other biker and the views were nice. Would only recommend it if you are nearby and a few hours to spare.

Hiked this back in September for a conditioning hike for scouts. Weather was horrible but over level 2 fun, definitely will hike it again on a nice day to enjoy the views.

This is a great hike with a photogenic falls at the end. If you hike down to the creek be sure to walk up stream to the base of the falls. We got an early start (7:00 am) and beat the crowd on got some great shots.

Steep, rocky and by times slippery, but oh so worth it! Be prepared for 1300f elevation in only 1.3m. The summit has an awesome 360 degrees view and especially a gorgeous view on the Columbia River Gorge. My dog and I really enjoyed this hike!

21 days ago

when people say this trail is difficult, believe them!
we started at Bonneville Hot Springs and went by way of Aldrich Butte.
What a beautiful hike. But You MUST pay careful attention while on this trail because it's not well marked along the way. We also saw bear poop.
make sure you pack plenty off water and a few protein snacks to keep your stamina up. Also, hiking poles aren't a bad idea.

Beautiful trail this time of year. I am a seasoned hiker and I would consider this hike difficult. There is just about nothing "gradual" about the assent or decent. Never the less, it is quite enjoyable.

I rated it a 4 star because I consider myself a naturalist and I am always a bit bummed out when the trail includes power lines and a cell phone tower. If you would like to avoid these power lines, perhaps taking the "there and back" approach up and down starvation creek trail instead of the entire loop would be more secluded.

For those of you who hike with your K9 companions: I did the loop with Lulu, my Saint Bernard and my best hiking/backpacking companion. Unless you have a mountain dog who is regularly exercised and has regard for cliffs and steep canyons don't bring them. Also, water is scarce for the first 5 miles. So, take a liter for your dog as well. There is an area at the half way point to refill for yourself and the pup.

Over all, this was a beautiful, very clean trail and I would recommend it. -RC

trail running
24 days ago

It's a good hike with mixed Terrain you basically hike up the west side of dog for three-quarters of the way up then you go down around eight hundred feet or so and then you go right back up again the middle sections pretty overgrown yes its harder than Dog But its also twice as far so yes you need to be in good hiking shape took me 4 hrs 10 min from parking lot to summit and back that's also trail running so plan on 6 to 7 hr for normal hikers and probably 8 to 10 for backpackers also bring lots of water none that I seen along the way to restock lots of berries the really good views are on the way up to summit so take lots of pics have fun

24 days ago

We absolutely loved this hike! It's not one for younger kids or those afraid of heights as there are a few sections with cliffs on one side. Our dogs did great and enjoyed the Punch bowl. We went at the perfect time when the Coho and Chinook Salmon are spawning! Definitely recommend this hike!

26 days ago

Great easy trail for families and it leads to a pretty waterfall! Use your forest pass and hook another hike to this in the gorge area because it is short...just enough to make you want to chase more waterfalls. Its leveled the entire way. Park at the trailhead and cross the street (watch for traffic from people driving to and from the toll bridge). You will be under the main highway and you need to stay to the right towards the pacific crest trail south.

Busy trail, but gorgeous. I assume mid-summer is more fun because you can swim to the punchbowl. Nevertheless, easy walk, amazing scenery, I'll be back for sure.
Careful on slick sections-- thankful for the cables in the rock

1 month ago

I've done this trail twice so far, once as as part of the triple D challenge where you complete Dog Mountain, Mt Defiance, and Devils Rest all in the same day. The first time I did Defiance I was a little bit slower since I was with a group and I didn't know the trail. I completed the trail in 4:16 minutes including rest. Yesterday I went back solo and did the Starvation Ridge up then looped back the other way in 3:16 total from parking lot to parking lot. I went light with just a liter of water, no poles, and a light backpack with food and a layer of clothes. Up the Starvation Ridge was a challenge on your legs. Bring a map or GPS or you can go on the wrong trail at the junctions. I just use the AllTrails apps on my phone and it works well. After Defiance I headed off to Dog Mountain to try and do that twice. Unfortunately I only completed Dog once in 1:28 then the sun went down and I had forgotten my headlamps at home. On my second attempt of Dog I only made it 1/3 of the way up before having to turn back around because darkness was approaching. Defiance definitely tired my legs out and it will do the same to yours if you push it. Defiance is a beautiful challenge that I will bring my wife with me once she gets a few go on Dog Mountain. This is a great training mountain before climbing other big mountains. I used about 1/2 of my liter of water round trip. I recommend 2L of water for average hiker. I also would plan on 5-6 hours on the mountain for an average hiker. If you start past noon, have headlamps in your backpack just in case. Enjoy the view at the top of Mt Hood and other places below. I know the cellular towers are not pretty compared to nature but the good news is you get very good cellular reception at the top. If you have legs left, go to Hood River and grab some food, my favorite is a Big Mac meal with large coke, then pay $1 to cross the bridge over and attack Dog Mountain. Do the Double D: Defiance and Dog every time you do Defiance and you will feet great! Be happy and be safe on the trails.

great for 5 Year olds!

1 month ago

Great day hike, but this is not for someone new to hiking. Highly recommend going when the wild flowers bloom - normally early spring. Great views and a great workout!