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A year-round recreational area offering the best of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, biking, golf, whitewater rafting and kayaking, windsurfing and kiteboarding, boating, bird watching, photography, downhill and cross country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing – the list is endless. Just taking a drive through the Columbia River Gorge is an experience in itself as you will be in awe of this spectacular geological wonder. The Columbia River is the second largest river in North America, starting in northern Idaho and southeastern British Columbia, and traveling over 1,200 miles to the ocean. Through millenniums of geologic events, waterfalls have found their home in the Columbia River Gorge. A visit to the area is not complete without a visit to the breathtaking waterfalls.

This was definitely a well rounded hike and I only went as far as punchbowl Falls! There is another waterfall further in but the suspension bridge to get there was out when I went. The snow and packed ice made this a bit challenging when trying to get to the bottom of punchbowl. We had to crab walk and bear crawl our way in and out. It felt like a real adventure!!

I didn't do the full loop around but made it up to the viewpoint and back tracked to multnomah. I want to come back in the summer to take full advantage of the loop. Wahkeena is definitely not the most photogenic of waterfalls in the gorge but still impressive and enjoyable.


16 days ago

Very beautiful

22 days ago

I like this trail a lot and was excited to bring the whole family today. Unfortunately, about 20' into the trail there was a landslide with snow/ice on top of that, so sadly we had to walk back to the car. We'll try again in the spring.

"You can get over the slide if you have a pair of MICROspikes and trekking poles. Come repaired..... and leave the smaller kids at home."

Still 4 stars because this little hike is awesome!!!

Steep but short and worth the hike to the top. Everything is just so lush and green. It's beautiful.

Short simple hike. Easy to walk past. Follow Trail to the right.

Tried to do this trail 2 days ago (1/19) and it was completely washed out by snow and ice. I had microspikes on, and it was still very dangerous. We got about a mile up before we decided to turn around. The way down was dangerous due to the inch of ice on top of about 2-3 feet of snow.. we ended up sliding down on our butts most of the way. Hoping it all melts away so I can try it again!!

Great hike, lots of nature to take in. We can't wait to go back!!

1 month ago

Best Hike Ever!!! It was an adventure!

1 month ago

Short and sweet, although we couldn't see much of the trail as there was so much snow. Nice view onto the Columbia river and gorge. This hike is probably nice when it's birding and wildflower season.

This hike is always amazing. Today it was rather slippery in the slush, mostly for the tourists wearing sneakers.