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Great workout and beautiful views

1 month ago

Lovely hike through the forest with spectacular views of the ocean. We were cautioned that it was a steep climb, but with the switchbacks it was very manageable.

nature trips
2 months ago

Its cool for a quick sight seeing trip the hike is easy but you get to see the devils churn, Thor's Well, blow hole, and some tide pools along the way


2 months ago

My wife and I stopped at Devil's Churn on our way back to Eugene after spending a day in Yachats.

This is a rather short (less than 1 mile) loop from the parking lot, down to Devil's Churn and taking the loop to enjoy the view of the Southern shoreline.

The Devil's churn itself is worth the stop; the narrow cut channels the waves for the most entertaining "crashing" effect if the ocean is in the mood. My wife even saw a whale breaching nearby as I was navigating the somewhat slippery rocks bordering the sluice. Just be careful and aware: large waves can really drench you... or possible worst.

What an amazing place to enjoy and respect the forces of nature!

Very easy hike- beautiful once you get down onto the rocks. Spouting horn, Thor's Well and the Tide pools were all so cool!

Just beautiful Oregon coast..

Really easy hill. But after emerging at the top, I realized you could just drive up there.

on Amanda Trail

3 months ago

A solid coastal trail hike with views of the coastline in a few places. Nice trail through the woods.

4 months ago

Hiked from the visitor vender trailhead. Trail was paved the entire way unless you want to go to Thor's Well and the tide pools. Lots of berries and flowers along the trail.

4 months ago

Mainly switchback incline. Beautiful view at the top on a clear day.

Possibly the most incredible view on the entire Oregon Coast!!

This trail is so beautiful. You get to experience so many different aspects of beauty. Trees. Ocean, Forrest, tide pools. Worth your time!

7 months ago

The parking lot at the top was a bit of a buzz kill.