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A must-see when driving the Three Capes Scenic route, Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint is situated on a headland 200 feet above the ocean. Cape Lookout and Cape Kiwanda are the other two capes on this route. Cape Meares provides an excellent view of the largest colony of nesting common murres (the site is one of the most populous colonies of nesting sea birds on the continent). Bald eagles and a peregrine falcon have also been known to nest near here. The park features tours of an 1890s lighthouse, the Sallie Jacobson Interpretive kiosk and interpretive panels at key viewpoints. Cape Meares has over 3 miles of hiking trails and a mile-long walking trail that winds through old-growth spruce trees (including the uniquely-shaped Octopus Tree). In winter and spring, this park is an excellent location for viewing whale migrations.

Great trail exciting and fun to hike, not that hard wear good shoes though can be slippery

Great easy scenic loop.

it's is NOT a loop. it is down-n-up. it is narrow and frequently steep. it is 100% downhill so it's 100% uphill. there are only 2 or 3 places you can see the water or have any view at all beyond the greenery immediately around you. it was slick enough in places that i traversed sections on my butt. best of all, it was closed before you got to the beach.

5 months ago

Very unusual tree and an easy trail to get there

My wife and I have done this hike a few times. It's very easy and relaxing. There are outstanding views too. The lighthouse pretty cool too.

Easy walk to a pretty lighthouse. Great views.

5 months ago

Wonderful trail and views. I do this one often.

Great history at the lighthouse. Spectacular views all around.

Some of the most beautiful views of the Oregon Coast, it also features a small Lighthouse.

6 months ago

Easy enough for everyone to enjoy and it features an Octopus Tree.

Great views all around. I'd definitely do it again.

Short walk down to Cape Meares lighthouse, some amazing views of the ocean and coastline. Also a really cool tree called the "Octopus Tree" is located nearby. Fun and easy trail

Short trek down to the lighthouse with an amazing view; and if you're lucky an informative inside tour.