This park is located in Pacific City and provides beach access, parking, and restrooms; It's a nice place to go for a walk on the beach and explore the Nestucca sand spit. The Nestucca River is legendary for 50 pound chinook salmon.

2 months ago

This is a sand trail for and used by horses. Not hiking.

4 months ago

I believe any trail that is in soft sand should say so and be rated at least moderate. It was full of mosquitoes and ants and long grasses, but not flowers or critters or birds. It could be the time of year, but I do not recommend for a light hike. We were miserable and did not even go 1 full mile on the trail.

Easy to adjust to your desired leveling difficulty. Aside from a narrow ledge above, the huge sand "dune" is the most difficult part. Beautiful views all around. The children LOVE to run down the hill back to the shore and repeat! Better them than me!