Great views from the top. The trail is a road and There are buildings at the top.

Park at the gate/trailhead and this is a pretty easy gentle uphill on a road with awesome views of the Agate Beach area on both sides of Yaquina Head all the way to Otter Crest to the North and Newport to the south. Nice afternoon walk with the dogs. (Keep them leashed.) Well maintained area with interpretive displays and restrooms at the nearby visitor's center.

Awesome view of the beaches of Newport, the surrounding hills and the Pacific Ocean at the top of the trail.

Super easy, interpretive trail (educational signs along the way.) Probably wheelchair accessible. Very short. Scenic views of Yaquina bay and estuary wildlife. Many birds to see and if you're lucky you might encounter a bird of prey hunting in the marsh or a seagull dropping clams on the hard mud to crack them open.