Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge is located in the fertile Willamette Valley of northwestern Oregon . The Refuge is situated in open farmland near the confluence of the Santiam and Willamette rivers in the middle of the broad Willamette Valley . Elevations range between 180 to 290 feet msl. The Willamette Valley , with its mild, rainy winter climate, is an ideal environment for wintering waterfowl. The Refuge consists of 1,765 acres of cropland, which provide forage for wintering geese, 600 acres of riparian forests, and 500 acres of shallow water seasonal wetlands As with the other refuges within the Willamette Valley National Wildlife Complex, the primary management goal of Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge is to provide high quality wintering habitat for geese, especially the dusky Canada goose , to ensure healthy, viable goose populations while minimizing goose browse damage to crops on private agricultural lands. Ankeny NWR also provides habitat for a wide variety of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Wildlife/wildlands observation, photography, hiking, and environmental education and interpretation are the major public use activities allowed on the Refuge. Habitat improvement and restoration are essential for the continued survival of wildlife populations in the Willamette Valley . If you are interested in restoring your lands to native habitat, such as wetlands, prairies, grasslands or upland oak/savannas, please click on the following link " Partnership for Fish and Wildlife " for further information. Hours: Sunrise to sunset

The boardwalk trail is phenomenal and gorgeous! Parts will flood at high waters, please use common sense during these times.

beautiful easy walk on the boardwalk.

this is listed as a loop trail, but half of the loop is on mowed down grass where it almost feels like trespassing. The grassy part is not very stroller friendly for parents. The grassy part is closed for several months starting October 1. It's a nice short kid friendly boardwalk if your looking for a there and back. I look forward to going back at a different season. The kids love it.

Great walk for kids!

7 months ago

Great spot!

10 months ago

Loved the bridge hiking. Needs some work on some of it but different kind of hike.

Super fun

We went with the kids today, we have one child that has foot / ankle issues so it was wonderful to be able to include her on a "hike"

We saw lots of birds, and were in awe of the swamps. We will definitely do this one again.

1 year ago

Nice to see water at Ankeny NWR. Last year was very dry. More people than birds. Frozen marsh was beautiful. Wish people knew to be quiet in birding areas...

Definitely for strolling. It's lovely. There is a raised wooden footpath through a marsh. Lots of birds: ducks, geese mostly but did see a bald eagle and listened to a lovely little bird singing. I have gone in the winter and early spring and I plan to return in the fall to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves.

Quaint little boardwalk, but not a lot to offer for someone who isn't very interested in birds.

It was a pleasant walk but nothing more, but there weren't many birds around, maybe because of the time of year? I'm not sure, but someone who knows birds would know for sure.

No plans on coming back. :)

A very simple walk, not a hike. Was good for a nice picnic lunch and a leisurely stroll.

I have to say it is a walk not really a hike but it is perfect for kids and families to have a nice walk and see some wonderful sites. My middle child is blind and really enjoyed the fact that she could use her cane and be completely independent and confident in herself to lead the way. She really enjoys listening to all the animals and nature sounds that you can hear out there. There are very few hikes that she can do and this is one of my favorites to take her on.

Beautiful and peaceful stroll. I wouldn't call this trail a hike, but don't let this deter you. It's relaxing with lots to see. Would be great for kids! Took me about 50 minutes to complete. There are a couple great spots along the way for a picnic.

This is pretty tame. It's possible for you to use a stroller on the majority of this walk. Which, if that's what you're looking for, is pretty great. If it's not, you have a few options to extend your adventures - but not much. Fun for a quick afternoon with kids : tadpoles, frogs, birds, wildlife, etc.

Its a very nice place, super easy totally ADA accessible. Nice boardwalk around most of it. During the right time of year tons of birds. Better for sight seeing, not so much for hiking or exploring.

Nice little hike along a boardwalk, but if you are looking to do a hike like this a better bet is Finnley Wildlife Refuge a bit further south. I made the mistake of walking past the boardwalk and into the forest portion of the trail that was full of mud in a small section, probably will be dried out by end of May.

Did see a ton of geese though across the street from the boardwalk hike.