Definitely make the trek to Green Peak Falls- there are some "homemade" signs to guide the way. Lovely fall colors and beautiful falls!

It took a little work to find the right trail to Green Peak Falls. It was worth the work.

We were hopeful when we got there, it looked like a pretty sweet hike. But the trail was confusing and it was muggy and smelt horrible when you got close to the water. We didnt even finish the hike.

mountain biking
5 months ago

The place was absolutely beautiful! I took my dogs and they loved it! However things aren't clearly marked to find where you want to go. I took a trail that was suposed to head towards a fall and it ended up being a dead end. Also many many people were there. It seems to be very well known and very well traveled.

mountain biking
5 months ago

it was worth the trip to see alsea and green peak falls. the easy rate on here is not quite right i climbed trails in the gorge marked moderate that were easier then this trail. but would still do it again.


It was very pretty I'm sure my wife and I will go again. It was confusing to find the green peak falls but well worth the confusion once you cross the bridge by Alsea falls you follow the trail until you pop out by a campsite you will walk down the road for a while after that keep an eye on the right side of the road and you a white sign that has seen better days pointing the way to green peak falls and there is a small trail marker just past the next campground to the right that starts that trail. My wife and I both lost cell signal once we got in the area so make sure you have any maps downloaded beforehand.

An easy trail system with two falls. Nothing spectacular compared the the mighty and many falls of Oregon, but if you're in the area it is worth the trip!

Beautiful falls and the trail was well marked to start but was a bit sketchy in the middle. Worth the trip.

Fun little day area to chill out at. Falls are relatively small compared to the rest of Oregon, but fun if you are bored.

Green peak falls is absolutely beautiful! The trail is a little difficult to find between the campsites but it's worth the extra work.

Trails we're cool covered in branches, but it was all natural and expected with the weather. Simple up and downs, some pleased could be steep and I recommend focusing on your footing. Overall worth going and I'll probably repeat this in the future.