Nestled in the awe-inspiring Columbia River Gorge, Ainsworth is equal parts waterfall wonderland, hiker's playground and camper's delight. Situated at the eastern end of Historic Highway 30, from Ainsworth to Crown Point to the west, you'll find the world's greatest concentration of high waterfalls (like Multnomah Falls). By leaving the park on Nesmith Point trail, you'll end up with a splendid view of St. Peter's Dome, a majestic basalt monolith rising 2,000 feet above the mighty Columbia River. Hiking is definitely something you'll want to do while camping at Ainsworth State Park. Back at the campground, you'll find 45 peaceful full-service campsites canopied in a laid-back, tree-filled setting. There are also four walk-in tent sites for a more primitive camping experience. This is a classic campground ... the smell of a campfire is your constant companion. Flush toilets, showers, a camp host, firewood and an amphitheater with interpretive programs are all here. Top it off with a roaring creek at the east end of the park, and you have all the makings for a great camping trip.


Ever want to get through an outdoors obstacle course? Then this is the hike for you! Be prepared to navigate through logs, climb through rocks, and wade some freezing cold water. The views at the end are breathtaking, and the challenge makes the hike that much more fun. It is full of people, but it can be fun to share this little adventure with others. You can head up to the falls lodge to warm up and have some coffee

Easy hike, neat to see huge waterfall. Don't necessarily like hikes that you get what site your after right at the beginning especially this one being on side of the freeway.

Did this on 09/28/16. Good hike. Good workout. The section up to Rock of Ages is a total scramble. The trail is well defined but in poor shape and mostly uphill. You will be surrounded by poison oak the whole way up. There are some serious cliffs along the Rock of Ages Arch. Definitely be on your A game and use caution along the trail as it comes close to some steep edges.

although it's 2 miles the switchbacks, a total of 11, were at times intense. really good workout, but not for the height sensitive folks. there's no guardrail so it can be a little dicey. regardless the views were spectacular and plan to visit again. was it busy? yes of course but it didn't bother us one bit.

Very pretty but high traffic in people and parking. We took some visiting family here and had a nice time.

Such fun! My teenage son voted this his favorite hike of the year. It was raining when we went but we had to wade through chest deep water to reach the falls anyway so we were going to be wet anyway. I loved climbing over the log deck. It felt very adventuresome. Loved it.

We have made this long-planned trail today. Absolutely no doubt, it is worth your time and a must-undertake adventure generously flavored with magnificent views. However, keep two things in mind:
1) go there somehow in a weekday. We went on Saturday, and it looked like all the bourgeoisie from Oregon and Washington crowded every single spot. Crowds of people, peeple, pipl... It took us 40 min to get from Bridal Veil to Multnomah Falls because of jam and insufficient parking space. No wonder, it heavily rained all the week, showers were forecast for Sunday, and Saturday was the only sunny window;
2) do not take food with you - no civilized place to eat. Well, on a woody trail like Kentucky falls you do not expect picnic tables but here I assumed they should be because the area is massively visited. Alas! We carried some pounds of food+dishes+cutlery uphill and downhill and we had to eat our lunch in the car.

Breathtaking view. Crowded at the beginning of the trail. Definitely recommend hiking all the way to top of the waterfalls.

Very Crowded. It would be beautiful if there weren't so many people that had no clue about the outdoors. If you do it do it in the morning of a weekday

Easy hike until the 30ft log dam. Very crowded on weekends. But the chest deep wading pool is a nice cool down. Do not go during winter.

Very intense hike!!

Hiked up from Multnomah and to Weisendanger Falls. It's an easy hike once you get up the mountain from the overlook. Make sure to bring plenty of water and layer up on dress code. Wear hiking or water shoes because you will be tempted to get into the water. Do it early in the morning to avoid heavy foot traffic (Visited 9-22-16)

This waterfall is definitely a must see and make sure you explore all the way to the top. My friends and I purposely arrived at 8am so we can take pictures without obstruction from tourists and hike up the trail freely with no heavy traffic. It was definitely worth it! It's my second time to come here in 3 months and I will be back (Visited 9-23-16)