Our group hiked this trail on 12/26/16
Loved the scenery and the Rock formations, somewhat difficult.. but hey we had an age group of 84-26.. a great day hike.

2 months ago

Great trail a host of different scenery beautiful area.

In honor of Christopher Columbus Day, we got lost :D

So, I started on the south side entrance. It is extremely easy to find and easy to follow the trails. But if you want a more challenging and adventurous trip. Get to where the the lane splits and you can either go to the trail or the waterfall and go to the trail. Shortly after the little water basin with the little overflow the trail crosses a creek. After that stay to the right and start climbing. Anything you can do to stay away from the beaten trail. Lots of challenging climbs and descents. Makes you think and plan a route. And if u ever get lost make sure u have your trail app on and it will give you the general idea of where u are. I spent a good 3 hours just walking the rock walls and exploring the rock rooms. Than I took a detour on my way back to the start and hit the waterfall. It's small but still really cool to see. I won't say that I swam in the hole at the base of the waterfall cuz that would be wrong...

Great hike bouldering was challenging but fun. Make sure to take plenty of water or a filter to drink out of the steam. Side hike to post oak water fall is well worth it.

Love this trail. You can just imagine pterodactyls perched on the high boulders and cliffs. Bring water, and maybe even gloves if you want to scramble around on the rocks in the canyon.

Did most of this trail on Easter and it was virtually empty besides our group. Absolutely stunning views of the reserve! Definitely didn't expect to be going through a canyon in Oklahoma. The boulder field towards the end was tricky and took some fairly difficult navigating, but it was a blast! Next time, we'll make sure to finish it up and summit on the adjacent trail.

8 months ago

Loved the flowers and the view at the to of the hill!

We really enjoyed this one. Lots of nice scenery! Beautiful waterfall! Boulders to climb around and over. We will go back

Strenuous? Yes. Rigorous? Yes again. Fun? Yes again. Someone please tell me what animal is leaving large piles of dung deep into the wilderness trail. There's no way a steer is getting down there. Can steer fly? Would definitely recommend to hiking enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to have a common garter snake slither over their boots.

Great trail. Ended up scrambling past the boulder field. Ran into a snake, so beware. Rock rooms are beautiful. Nice small waterfall.

Very fun trail with lots of backcountry options. From the sunset trail head you can access the backcountry and get great views with options to continue on and see things like the Crab Eyes (two boulders on a ridge that look like their namesake). You can continue to follow the trail towards the Treasure Lake campground but beware that there is a massive boulder field in the middle of the trail. We've never gone through them because we take our dog hiking but if your up for it I've heard scrambling through it is lots of fun (be careful for snakes hiding or bees/wasps). Once your past the field (or if you start from the treasure lake trail head) the southern part of the trail cuts through a canyon and is gorgeous. Several side trails take you to a waterfall or the top of Mt. Lincoln. Trail is vey rocky, lots of cacti, and I've heard snakes are an issue in warmer months (though I haven't seen one yet). Be aware, be careful with your footing and you'll be fine.