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A great trail, but not long enough. Occasionally rocky with a few steep parts, but overall, not all that difficult. The view from the top is terrific. I saw a coyote, a Longhorn steer, several deer and a multitude of birds along the way. I took a side hike over to 'Covered Wagon Rock' but still found myself wanting more.

7 days ago

Very pretty trial, started at the bottom and worked out way up to meet with the Bison trail. 40 foot hole in the middle is the highlight. But there were also tons of bison at the end near the dam.

Good over all trail, not too challenging of a hike. Once you get past the first area with the rocky stairs it does get a little easy to get off trail. But great view once you make it to the top.

Great view on summit, first I was worry about my kid can't make all the way to the summit, but they made easily, great trail for family.

Nice walk. Lots of bison and longhorns. Nice scenery. I'm from the sierras and it gave me some remembrance of that type of terrain. Most of if easy but a few areas where some cardio is required.

14 days ago

Great views of the wichitas from the summit! Hiking this trail in the fall brought great views amidst changing leaf colors. This trail is not very well marked and we missed the trail coming back down. There are some worn areas that look like trails but they are not. Only saw about 6 other people on the trail. The summit has a wide area to check out with radial views of the park. Took us maybe 1.5 hours round trip including enjoying the summit for a bit.

This trail is simple and has some of the best views (in my opinion) in the wichitas. The trail is not well marked and I ended up off the beaten path a couple times; however, I would recommend this trail to anyone especially in the fall when the leaves are changing colors.

Easy trail. Great warm up. Still a good trail and view. Got to see exactly where we wanted to go.

Had a blast here. Not going to lie, friend and I left the trail to go up the boulders and get a nice view. Still, great place and enjoyed it all. Once we got as high as possible, sat back and enjoyed the view. Slight mist and low cloud coverage with a brisk breeze made this hike even better.

A moderately hard trek with some rolling hills along the way. Trail was not clearly marked and a little difficult to decide which one to take when it split. It looked like most of the trails you could take all converged about 1.25 mi. into the hike where there was a sign pointing to Post Oak Falls. All together we traveled just over 2 mi. round trip (after taking some "detours"). Beautiful views of Treasure Lake and rock formations. Take a bottle of water per person and sturdy shoes.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Very first time hiking and had a wonderful time!!!

1 month ago

Not easy to find but worth it! Great views of the Wichitas.

1 month ago

on Little Baldy Trail

1 month ago