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5 days ago

Easy hike with beautiful views, especially after it rains and there is a lot of water flowing.

The trail was very hard to find so we did our own little "off the beaten path" hiking. Almost considered putting this one under rock climbing lol. We went when it was 28 degrees out so most of the rocks were covered with ice which made it very challenging, but worth the risk once we got to the top!

15 days ago

18 days ago

Fairly easy hike. Rocky path near falls. Granite down around falls can be slippery. Not much water flowing at the time of our hike, but still pretty. Would be prettier after some local rain.

Fun and perfect for families. Not as well marked as I thought it would be.

Great views

21 days ago

Love the trail it was a challenge and was a hidden gem.

Probably the best hike in Oklahoma, I may be wrong but this was a pleasant surprise, I did not expect the trail to be much fun but I truly enjoyed it. It reminded me of some of the walk around trails near Garden of the Gods in CO Springs. Anyway, I definitely recommend the hike if you're in the area or from the area!

Great short easy trail. There's a little bit of a climb to get right to the top but the only reason it was a challenge for me was because I had a three year old with me. Nice views of the lake from the top.