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Robbers Cave State Park is located in the scenic, hilly woodlands of the San Bois Mountains of southeast Oklahoma. This park is a favorite of rappellers, equestrians, hikers and outdoor lovers. The park and adjoining wildlife management area, offers acres of discovery and enjoyment including trout fishing in season, boating, hunting, mountain biking, over 25 miles of trails for hikers and horses, sandstone cliffs for climbing and rappelling and fall foliage viewing. In addition, Robbers Cave enjoys notoriety as a former hideout for outlaws Jesse James and Belle Starr. Robbers Cave State Park is a 8,246-acre park with 189 combined lake acres with Lake Carlton, Lake Wayne Wallace and Coon Creek. Take a horseback ride along scenic bluffs, enjoy excellent fishing opportunities for trout, perch, bass and catfish, or hike to the famous outlaw cave hidden in the formation of sandstone hills and cliffs that range from 300- to 1,500-ft in height. Robbers Cave State Park offers camping ranging from modern RV sites with hookups to primitive camping along secluded trails. Equestrian campsites are available, as well as lodging at the 20-room Belle Starr View Lodge. Every room of this lodge commands an impressive view of Coon Creek Lake and the forested valley below. This state park also offers single cabins, duplex cabins and two group camp facilities. An amphitheater is available, as well as five group picnic shelters. Leashed pets are allowed in the park and in some cabins. Picnic tables, comfort stations with showers, boat ramps, a swimming beach, swimming pool with bathhouse, playgrounds, miniature golf, horseback riding stables, paddle boat rentals, a small grocery store, on-site restaurant, and a nature center with naturalist programs and exhibits round out the park's facilities. Two tennis courts, a basketball court and a walking track are also available a few miles from the park. Discounts are available for senior citizens and disability. Robbers Cave State Park is a perfect family getaway with an abundance of outdoor fun to keep the kids entertained. Take advantage of the park's steep cliffs while learning the art of rappelling, or venture off into the adjacent wildlife management area, featuring 3,800 acres of forested hunting ground. Hike the hilly terrain up to Robbers Cave, go for a swim or a canoe ride at the park's Lake Carlton, visit the stables for a horseback adventure and end the day with a campfire dinner and s'mores.

Short but very nice trail
Lot of rock climbing up and down

This trail has very rocky footing in many spots seriously hampers enjoyment. The scenery isn't spectacularly beautiful either.

It was so much fun my husband and the kids loved it!! Definitely will be back again sometime!

4 months ago

Great trail. Not very much elevation change. Great trails but the map from the park is outdated. The campsite we went to was sort of highly trafficked by the lake. Good for beginner to intermediate backpackers. They have longer trails. Up to 10 miles one way.

4 months ago

Great hike for the whole family and pets

5 months ago

Nice trail for hiking. Lots of rocks and woods. If you go after a rain prepare to walk in water for most of the trail. Some uphill with rocks, with younger kids may be a little iffy in spots. My 4 year old managed as long as he had a hand. They say allow 2hr45min for trail. With young kid, a dog and after rain we took about 4, but we do take our time. Cave is fun at the end too.

5 months ago

So much fun, beautiful place to see and not to difficult for children everyone will have a blast

A nice hike to the dam and back. Some moderate uphill hiking on mostly rocks. Great views in a couple of spots off trail. The downhill on the way back is easier. Fun time with gf and 7 yr old.

One of my absolute favorite places to go in OK. It's just beautiful and is a wonderful park overall.

I went on a day hike at the end of November. This trail was perfect for a long afternoon hike. Lots to see, points to stop off for the view, and plenty of variety in topography. Would go again, for sure!

This trail was alright for hiking. Seemed to be mostly used for horseback riding. Signs stated it was a bike trail, but I'm not sure I would bike it.

A real fun hike, lots of giant rocks to climb all over. The trip to the cave is cool too.

on Robber's Cave Trail

10 months ago

What a fun short trail! It was exciting to crawl through the caves and explore the history behind it. The rocks there are also excellent for rock climbers. We also saw families bring their pets and children.

The park offers a guide who will tell you the history of the cave as well.

on Mountain Trail

10 months ago

Markers are painted in blue and found on trees. Be sure to keep a look out for them, as you can get lost. It helps to have trekking poles for this route and some areas can be tricky/slippery due to mud so take caution while descending.

- The views were amazing.
- The trail changes as you trek through, which makes it more interesting and fun.
- Trails are marked
- Quite a popular trail, we met many friendly hikers there.
- The theater is across the trail, they happened to have an event that day, and you were able to hear the music/sounds. Which isn't a bad thing, but it takes away the sense of being away from the crowd.
- Foliage/rocks--tons of it. Watch your step!
- Did not see many wildlife/birds (could be related to the time we went).

11 months ago

I think this trail fits the moderate/strenuous category. The part of the trail that runs next to Lake Carlton was hit and miss with the trail markings. In some instances the markings were difficult to locate and in other instances it would seem that the trail ran in every direction with randomly placed blue blazes that lead to a dead ends unless you came prepared to rappel or rock climb. Once past the bluffs of Lake Carlton the trail markings were much more reliable. The hike itself was nice though the trail is littered with rock (probably what the "rugged" part of the trail description is referring to) that constantly keep you in search of firm footing. My Lowa Renegades provide a pretty solid platform but at the end of the day my feet were killing me and my knees about to buckle. Probably not a trail I'd return to but worth the visit.

Note: I did this hike with a 30 lb. pack which adds to the foot/knee soreness but I typically carry this weight and it has not been a problem on some of the other trails like ShoresLake/WhiteRock Loop and Redding/Spyrock Loop.

1 year ago

Decent hike. Random rock climbing.

I absolutely loved this trail! Lots of opportunities to challenge yourself by climbing over boulders. This trail is also great for beginners as there are smoother flat land trails along side the more difficult ones. Plenty of shade, lots of wild life, great views from the top of the trail!
** Loved that you are able to go in, around, and through the caves. Great for kids and adults alike. You could definitely bring your furry companion, but be aware that some spots may be too steep for them to climb. ***
There is also a camp site down below the cave trails.

1 year ago

One of the 10 different trails around Robbers Cave state Park . Great hike give your self plenty of time some of the trail markers are really faded so you have to look for them. They were not consistent with where the markers were placed. Some times on a tree trunk some times on a big rock on the ground or a big stump. this is still an enjoyable hike in the woods.