great for both mtb and running. friendly people. lots of mtb-ers so make sure you can hear if you are running or walking. share the road. dry use only.

Paved walking path. Nice area away from the hustle and bustle of things. Good place to get some nature in the city.

Well kept though if your not used to single track can be a bit technical.

Love this hike. Real easy, great scenery.

Love this hike. Real easy, great scenery.

Nice wooded trails. Some just for walkers and some for mixed use for walkers/bikers. Not a lot of elevation change. Some. Ice creeks to see if you get a little off the marked trails. Not too crowded.

Fun will be a regular

nature trips
2 months ago

beautiful as always! today we spotted a deer running, a crane fishing and turtles treading water

mountain biking
3 months ago

We walked this trail over the weekend with the dogs, 1 mile paved loop, nice scenery, maintained very well and marked every .25 miles. I noticed they also had a biking trail, so I tried that out today. I was pleasantly surprised! I expected the trail to be very easy but there were some enjoyable tricky spots. It's a 4 mile loop that is marked pretty well. Pay attention to the caution signs on the trail because those indicate some of the more challenging obstacles. Best bike trail I have found in the OKC area.

6 months ago

This is the best slice of nature in NW okc. Ive spent many hours walking through the trails here. Lots of beauty to be seen in this small area. It gets busy during the evenings and weekends so I like to go earlier in the day when its fairly empty.

Well I was thinking it was a dirt trail, but that's the bike trail. The "hiking" trail is all paved.
It's ok for a quick walk with the pups but not what we were hoping to find.

It's very pretty if you're looking for something manicured with paved roads. If you want something rougher this isn't for you.

trail running
7 months ago


trail running
9 months ago

Awesome mountain bike trail to run on. Goes about 4 miles. Lots of turns, hills, creeks, bridges and very wooded.

I have been using this as a seasonal startup hike. The trails can get muddy after a rain, but overall it is a good hike.

mountain biking
1 year ago

A nice tight and well maintained trail in OKC. Easy to get to and can get crowded on weekends. No long climbs but makes up for it with many short punches. Gets more challenging the faster you go. Good for beginners through experts. Just watch out for hikers and beginners, and pack out trash. Nothing worse than seeing plastic bottles in the stream.