Lake Murray State Park is Oklahoma's oldest and largest state park consisting of 12,500 acres located on the shores of beautiful Lake Murray. The park's diverse terrain, exceptional trails and historic sites including the Tucker Tower Nature Center make Lake Murray State Park a favorite destination among outdoor and water sports enthusiasts. Fishing, boating and a variety of water sports are enjoyed on the 5,728 surface acres of Lake Murray. Outdoor activities also abound at Lake Murray State Park including golfing, picnicking, camping, horseback riding, hayrides, hiking, biking, rollerblading, swimming, miniature golf and paddle boating. Sports facilities include an 18-hole golf course with a pro shop, tennis courts, softball fields, baseball diamond, horseshoe pits, badminton and volleyball nets. Lake Murray State Park offers a top-notch ATV area for off-road vehicles, motorcycles and dirt bikes. Other facilities found in the park include an airstrip, bait and tackle shop, marina with rentals, swimming pool with a changing house, swimming beach, riding stable, remote control air field for hobbyists, miniature golf course and Frisbee golf. The Tucker Tower Nature Center features local artifacts, nature programs and activities conducted by the state park naturalist. Lake Murray Lodge, located in the state park, offers 52 guest rooms and suites along with 56 cabins. The lodge also offers several meeting rooms, The Apple Bin restaurant, inviting lobby commons area with cozy fireplace, and The Parlor lounge which features food, drinks and country music. Several of the state park cabins are historic structures built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. State park cabins and lodge rooms can be reserved online using the Booking Website link above, or by calling Toll Free (800) 257-0322 or local (580) 223-6600. Nine RV campgrounds with over 300 RV sites and unlimited tent sites are located throughout Lake Murray State Park with full hookups, restrooms and showers. Use the Lake Murray State Park Map link above for more information. See the Related Listings below for more information. Lake Murray golf course pro shop (580) 223-6613, Tucker Tower Nature Center (580)223-2109, Park Office (580) 223-4044, Park Office Fax Number (580) 223-4052.

Great trail, could be marked better.

Great trails, it has different trails with different levels of difficulty, I rode it since when I was a beginner and well still ride it but now I take the more technical trails.

trail running
6 months ago

Good running trail. Not much traffic.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Good trail system. Marked well.

not well marked but it was fun and shady. about 2 hours depending on your pace

Pretty hard wood forest next to the lake. Some fallen trees across the path. Minimal trash on the trail.

I hated this trail no trail markers or nothing. Too many trails that wander off in the woods somewhere.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Trail is roughly 40+ miles from tip to tip and internal loops included. Soon it will be connected to Tucker Tower

Completed part of the trail this week with my trusted fur companion. Started at the trailhead and took about a 2 hour hike to a fork in the road, then headed back to the trail head. The trails were great at the start, well marked and well kept but once you crossed the second bridge the trails were much more narrow, less marked, and not well kept at all-but that may be because of our awful weather we've been having. There was one trail (I didn't pay attention to which one it was) that had a long bridge that was super sketchy looking, obviously we decided against that trail and headed elsewhere. I think their bridges definitely need a little TLC. We stopped at the main lodge for a trail map, they continue for about 20+ miles so we definitely needed one to stay on the right trails.
I'll be back to go on more trails!

Lake Murray offers several hikes. These hikes meander through thick forest vegetation, lake views, wooden bridges, and camp grounds. The lake currently has over 26 miles of trails. All kinds of vegetation and wildlife is available to observe

This is a nice short hike that anyone can do and is great for families. Lake Murray has several different trails that add up to over 26 miles of trails. This is just one short section of that. Lake Murray Hikes are not difficult but one would be hard pressed to walk the whole trail in one day. Lots of wildlife is visible and I dodged a water moccasin and a rattle snake just this weekend. Deer tracks and hog tracks are plentiful.

mountain biking
2 years ago

Good trail for a quick ride when on a time crunch. It would be great if they would do a better job marking the trail. though there are quite a few fun obstacles.

This trail is 2.2miles long with two bridges that cross the lake it goes to the Elephant Rock Tipps Point camp grounds. It's excellent for hiking and biking. There apparently used to be some guided markers but they were vandalized and not repaired. There are many rock outcroppings and forested areas along the trail. It is part of an extended trail system that goes to Ardmore city limits and encompasses 25 miles of trail.

Certain times of the year you can see deer. Parts are primative and easy to lose the trail
, but it's a beautiful lake.

Me and my wife hiked this back in March of 2007 on a nice evening. The trail is short and the majority of it is in a gully where you can't even see the lake. The trail is actually quite boring and not well marked. Maybe it has improved in the last five years but at the time the trail needed a lot of TLC. It's not bad if you need a walk but is certainly not the highlight of what is a fantastic state park (check out the castle!)

mountain biking
4 years ago

I started at the north trail head on the west branch by the ranger station. I will say this, the trail is great. It starts off slow, but once past the pecan grove, the trail is excellent. There were some great scenic views, excellent switchbacks, climbs, descents, and challenging rock gardens. there is something for everyone and all skill levels.

I saw some previous posts regarding bugs and this wasnt an issue. I also saw postsregarding the trail maintenance. There were a few fallen trees, but I thougjt of these as obstacles. The only maintenance issue was leaves, but its "winter" so it is par for the course and I considered it fine.

My main criticism is that the trail is poorly marked besides yellow mile markers once off the trail heads. It was so bad for example at certain splits in the trail someone went through and hand wrote on plastic sheets and zip tied to posts "long way, short way" or "easy way, hard way". A few sign posts on the trail would make the trail a 5 star.

The race loop was great! I also ran into two biker groups from ardmore who were extremely nice and helpful. Overall great ride.

As of this year, the park system worked with the Cartography department of ECU Oklahoma and the trails have been remapped with much greater detail. The new maps have been posted at trail heads and the State Park Office is working on providing the same map in booklet form.

Due to the drought, many of the areas along the eastern shore are dry where there used to be marshes. Kinda sad to see.