Beautiful trail...almost reminded me of the Pacific Northwest at times with all of the pines, ferns, and mushrooms. Saw a couple very pretty waterfalls and the rock ledges were interesting. Well worth the visit.

Love it, great system, can't wait to go again

3 months ago

Beautiful streams.

I love this place and would recommend for anyone.There is a lot of traffic on the trails but very beautiful.Lot of rocks you can climb on and trails that just go everywhere.Nice park to spend a day at.Plus there were people swimming.

4 months ago

South Chagrin Reservation was a great place to hike. There were multiple, small trails to increase the distance and many picnic areas to stop to snack or grill out.

It was fairly easy to follow. I also printed out the trail map from the website and it actually coincided with AllTrails this time. It got a little confusing close to Sulphur Springs picnic area because there are a few secondary trails and the bridal trail breaks off...but we were able to figure it out.

6 months ago

Great trails and views


8 months ago

The trail was pretty muddy today, but it was still safe and easy to follow. The views are gorgeous! We took our three kids and everyone loved it!

9 months ago

Great trail with many sidetracks to take. You can make it a short loop or a 5 mile adventure.

11 months ago

Very short and the path is very uneven and narrow. Wouldn't suggest bringing your dogs along, we brought our 2 dogs and it was difficult to pass by other groups coming the opposite way. Beautiful views.

Great views and scenery, nice trail, with a few tricky areas. Will go again!

Smaller trail but squaw rock is beautiful. Good to take kids to.

Fantastic place! I'd been to South Chagrin before and never knew about this part! Right on the river the squal is a carved rock, but the scenery along the river is worth the trip. Great to walk, hike, or just grab a chair and hang out ( bring your own chair)

1 year ago

Short trail, very popular. The upper portion is paved and has a boardwalk, lower part is more narrow and basically carved into the rock. Not dangerous or anything though. Nice trail, the rock is something cool to see. One of my 9 year old's favorite hikes.