The landscape of rural Guernsey County appears as a patchwork of forested hills, open meadows and misty valleys threaded by numerous streams At the heart of this region is Salt Fork State Park, encompassing the woodlands and fields flanking Salt Fork Reservoir As Ohio's largest state park, Salt Fork boasts 17,229-acres of recreational facilities to suit nearly every taste

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Stne House Loop Trail Is a located in Salt Fork State Park. It is an easy to moderate trail with the lower lake side part of the loop being much more level and easy with nice views of the lake. The upper loop is more of a woodland trail with much more elevation change. The trail will take you to The Stone House which is an 1840's era house which has been recently restored. It is now full of period items and staffed on the weekends during the summer season. This trail was listed as one of the 15 best trails in Ohio by Not sure about that but a good trail.

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