easy trail with plenty to see. Trail is well-maintained, even in winter

Fun, great scenery and easy to hike! Dog friendly.

Fun, great scenery and easy to hike! Dog friendly.

4 months ago

Best little oasis of peace in this area. I could spend days wandering this little park.

sand dune trail is fun!

The map shown here is wrong. (Although it might be accurate for the paved bicycle trail.) The Oak Openings Trail is closer to a 17 mile long loop. It is bordered on the west and south sides by State Route 64, the north by Airport Highway (State Route 2), and the East by State Route 295. Wooden bridges are plentiful in marshy areas and fallen trees are usually cleared away quickly.

I'm not sure which trail is allegedly 6.2 miles, but this park has a nice collection of trails, mostly accessible from the same parking lot area. Most trails are 1 to 3 miles so you can take one or plan a whole day. I walked the red, orange, and blue marked trails. I'd highly recommend that red and orange trails, both of which allow you to view the only moving sand dunes in Ohio (the sand dunes on the red trail are closed in May and June for birdie babies but you can still view them). I went in daytime during the week and it was not crowded on the trails at all (just a few other people). Oak Openings is a bit far from me, but I'm hoping to go back and see this park in the fall. Gorgeous!

6 months ago

My favorite trail

Love these trails

6 months ago

Done all the small loops working up to do the big trail but I love hiking here

I love the trails at this park. The trails are maintained and very dog friendly. It can be a little busy on the weekends but during the week it is nice. There are plenty of trails to choose from and lots of wildlife to be seen.

Nice length and well-maintained without being too manicured. Not very interesting terrain but moderate scenic variety. Perfect distance between water fountains and rest areas.

Long trail that I haven't done in it's entirety, but will be doing soon. Nice mix of tree species and scenery, and no one else. Once you get north by Airport Hwy, the trail gets confusing, and I lost it. There are yellow blazes, but some can be misleading.

I hike this trail last week. The trail was well maintained and offered some beautiful scenery early in my hiking season. Just over 15 miles it took me about 5.5 hours including a lunch break. I will absolutely hike this trail again and again.

I enjoy the different environments while you hike.

I walked the whole 15.11 mile loop. I dedicated several hours to it. It was a lot of fun, but there were a few spots where the markings were difficult to follow. I took a 2L water bladder with me to make sure I stayed hydrated through the hike. There were not many spots to fill up from a water fountain or sink.

There is one large (yellow dash - marked) trail that is 15.11 miles (according to park maps) that surrounds the whole park. To get to it, you have to park or start at a specific point because there are no smaller trails that lead into the big yellow trail.

I hiked parts of all of the smaller trails in the center of the metro park that interconnect with one another. Each one is about 0.6 to 3.2 miles. I hiked about 4 miles, with a buddy of mine, just making choices in the moment of which fork to take. We forgot to get a map to figure out what the different colors and trails are in the center of the park haha.