The hike was beautiful but went the wrong way several times—glad I had this app (until my phone died)

I hike this as much as possible! favorite trail hands down!

Just finished a 2 mile hike (roughly), starting at "G" and connecting to "H". Not heavily travelled and plenty of time to be alone in the woods. Was able to take my time and let my dog roam a bit in the dry creek beds. Very quiet as you go further in the woods, which was a pleasant surprise (Colerain Ave isn't that far away). Nice elevation changes and definitely had a good sweat when I was done. This was my first time there and I will definitely be back.

Can get lost easily but very scenic given the suburban location. Stairs a great cardio workout.

Although it was nice and shaded for the summer months, the trails were poorly marked. We got lost a few times and even got to a point where this map told us to go one way but that way didn't exist.

Fun and I would like it in summer when all the leaves come out.

Decent inner city trail. Tons of different routes to take to extend your hike. Some parts were pretty muddy although it hadnt rained that much lately and some parts were rather narrow, but all in all not bad for being in cincy and close.

7 months ago

Very nice scenery but very trafficked most of the way.

It was very fun and semi-difficult trail!

It's great park

The trail was fun today 2-1-16

Lovely hike but very muddy as it had rained recently. I cannot wait to explore this park in the springtime. Trails ranged from easy to some pretty difficult hills. Also had an awesome tree house which is worth checking out. Beautiful park overall.

We went on a Saturday. We took my teenage son and his GF. We started at the tree house, which was easy to find. The dirt trails were easy to navigate, albeit very narrow in certain areas. The creek beds were completely dried up (it would have been lovely with water flowing). We started easily enough. The trails are marked, but somehow we ended up on multiple trails - started on E, ended up on H, which literally took us through the frisbee golf course. Not sure what that's about. We ended up on K and J somehow. We took a turn that led us on, what I'm assuming was a horse trail (there was a LOT of horse poop on the trail). It was adjacent to a main road, which you could see from the forest. That trail ended toward the road so we turned back around and my son found a shortcut to get back on a main trail. All in all it was a nice hike; the forest is very nice, it wasn't crowded at all, we saw some beautiful wild flowers. It would have been helpful to get a map (but we didn't).

I hiked this back in 2014. The tree house was pretty cool but showed heavy damage from people and security cameras now watching the site. the trail itself was poorly marked and came out at several different places. but overall its a beautiful area with some wildlife.