Simple trail and great for family and group activities.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Went there in the Fall. 6 of us went MTB riding including 2 kids. Has a cool bridge over a huge river. The main trails were well kept. But the shorter trails werent kept up well.

You can find one of the trail heads by the bowling ally which is off of State route 57. To find Indian Hollow Reservation you need to follow Parsons Road. Parsons Road is the road by the Gulf gas station. If you follow this road you will find the reservation, which is actually part of the Lorain County Metropark System. You can visit their website at get better directions and even find more trails to hike! Hope this info helps all.

trail running
5 years ago

This was not an easy to find spot. The directions I found on this site via google lead me to a neighborhood with no signage or anything. About 20 feet behind the turn down Willow St., behind a big brick building, I found a turn off for Reservoir Park. This lead to a brand new sports complex. At the far end of the parking lot I found what looked like a former trail. It was about the width of a tractor. The grass was overgrown, but less so than the middle of the fields. I chose to run through it anyway. A little rugged, but nothing outrageous. This lead back a little less than a mile or so and then looped around and came back towards the ball fields. It wasn't quite the 2.5 mile loop that was expected, but I added some milage around the reservoir and ball fields and made a good 4 miles out of it. Needless to say, it was not what I was expecting. I never did find any signage that indicated the Indian Hollow Reservation. Only the Reservoir Park of Grafton. I would love to find the real trail if there is such a thing by anyone who has been there. The directions here were not very helpful. All in all, still a decent run on a beautiful sunny day. Could do a lot worse.