18 days ago

Was a fun adventurous trail. have to be careful with young children but we we still able to do it. I had my 9 year boy 7 year boy 5 year boy and 2 year old daughter. was slow moving with my daughter but we carefully took our time and handled it.

1 month ago

Trail is a very generous term at Whipps Ledges. The path is poorly marked and very rocky. There are many side-paths that make it confusing to tell where the real path goes. This is definitely not a lunchtime walk. There is also a lot of vandalism and graffiti.

amazing view all around

Great trail..you can make the hike as easy or difficult as you would like.

As others have said this trail is poorly marked. Many side trails that look like they are part of the main trail are not. Glad I had the AllTrails GPS map to get back to the trail when I got off track. Pretty crowded as well.

2 months ago

Moderate to easy with very little elevation change. Sections are paved where it joins with the jogging trail. Good hike with some nice views.

The lake loop is a beautiful trail. I love walking in the evening as the sun sets. It is a perfect trail to either hike or run. The other positive to hiking this metro park is that you have the option to walk on pavement as well. This comes in handy if the lake loop is extremely muddy. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a challenge as the lake loop has a few hills. If you don't want to walk/hike at all the lake is great for fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, et cetera.

3 months ago

Great!! Minus the creepy, spider monkey, serial killer guy =) Oh and the little white nerdy, vaping, bad rap music, homeboy wannabes sucked too!

nice place beautiful lake well maintained trail.

nice place nice views. cool cave

3 months ago

Beautiful area to see. Trail is not well marked at all and there are many secondary trails to choose from. Although area is such that it is best to just head in and wonder around. Take bug spray!

I went I the summer of 2015. The the lake trail was great. Made better by hiking across the road to Whips Ledges!

Honestly, I absolutely loved this trail. There were so many different areas to explore and so many different paths to take. The path isn't really labeled at all and you kind of just have to explore to see a lot of it. That just adds to the fun of it though! My biggest complaint is the large amount of trash and graffiti everywhere. It really just takes away from the beauty of the area.

rock climbing
5 months ago

This place was amazing! So many different things to do. This was my first time and I can't wait to go back and climb more rocks.