09-12-2016/Monday: Being a yearly visitor to Ohio, the family took me on a hike which I found to be fun, enjoying and extremely relaxing. During the hike, I got a great education to the foliage and its dangers. You see, Hawaii does not have any of the dangers that I was told about. After yesterday's hike, I chose to hike the trail again this time exploring all the trails and having a wonderful time doing it and getting some quality walking time in. I guarantee that I'll be hike this trail over and over again.

I really enjoy High Banks. I did the Dripping Rock trail today (2.5 miles) and it had some nice inclines throughout. It's very scenic and just an enjoyable walk, run, whatever! My only wish is that all of the trails were pet friendly. When I go with my dog I have to stick to one trail and that gets boring.

Good for birdwatching. There is a pet trail for dog-walking.

I walked the Coyote Run trail. It was nice and easy trail with no high elevations. Dogs are allowed on this trail but most of the other trails in the park don't allow them.

Nice trails, well kept. Beautiful scenery.

Loved it

6 months ago

A great place to hike!

Simply breath taking! Great for running as well, plenty of incline.