Great Seal State Park is dedicated to the wilderness spirit of Ohio The history of the Shawnee nation and Ohio's early statehood is centered in these rugged hills Challenging trails take visitors to scenic vistas of distant ridgetops and the Scioto Valley below These very hills are depicted on the Great Seal of the State of Ohio, from which the park gets its name

This trail can easily be rated as an easy trail. If you've hiked anywhere besides flat states like Ohio this incline is extremely easy.

Great Seal was a fun and challenging hike. We started at parking lot B (I think) and worked our way through small hills and then up the side of a relatively small, but steep elevation. Getting to the top wasn't easy but the view and accomplishment was well worth it!

We hiked south from the camp ground on the blue trail all the way to southern point of the trail. We then came back on mostly blue trail but added a few others in there to mix it up at times. We hiked 15 miles in all & it was awesome. Some parts of the trails are extremely steep & challenging but worth the effort. Trails marked well for the most part. Will definitely be hiking here again.

Moderate / Advanced trail. Great inclines and good terrain features. It will test your land navigational skill so be prepared to have a trail map and do some terrain association since the trails are marked bellow eye level and at times on the rocks. (Ground)

We packed day packs and took a a light lunch. Look for the camp sites of the yellow / blue trails.

Last but not least if you go the day after a rain - pack extra socks and pants. Muddy - muddy and more mud

This is a great hike close to the city. Strenuous due to steep grades ,quite, great views, First time here we went across and back fairly easy other than the steep hills! Beautiful rock formations and plenty of big trees! You can get maps at the trail head or main entrance.

I thought this park was pretty nice. It was secluded and had some awesome viewpoints, and had some really challenging hills that made for a great workout. It had nice scenery and was fairly well-kept, and also had lots of trails that were loops - which are nice so you never see the same thing twice. Overall not a stunning place, but a very nice park especially for those who are training for a big hike or who want to get away for a while.

We did a small portion of the trails last summer. Had to call a halt due to it getting dark but plan to return to do more hiking there. There are geocaches on some of the trails.

There are several trails and hills that you can weave together or omit to make your hike as long or short as you would like. Nature is always scenic. The vistas from these trails vary especially with the seasons. I especially like the set of trails surrounding Bunker Hill. I find this park to be an excellent place to run my dogs.

A a weekend hiker I found this trail a bit difficult. Its certainly not a trail for a novice. Lots of steep uphill assents, and loose gravel is a problem on the desending side. Horses have dug deep ruts in the trail that the hiker must straddle. I believe a walking stick would be most helpful.

Intensity is high on the southern tails. Not as senic as I'd have hoped.