Pretty trail located near the Englewood dam. Dog friendly!

trail running
4 months ago

Good trail. Rooty and rocky in some areas.

This was a very nice area for a run.

great hike. green trail was great, even for my two year old.

This trail is lovely! It's a nice little workout at almost 4 miles and gives you lovely views of 3 different waterfalls and different scenery. Great for the dogs as well. Highly recommended.

10 months ago

horseback riding
1 year ago

Such an amazing park, there are things for everyone here. Young old and everyone in-between. Lots of stuff to look at and the trails themselves are so well groomed. I would recommend this park to anyone. Also you can check out my video log of this park here.

cross country skiing
1 year ago

Favorite Metropark!

cross country skiing
1 year ago

Great workouts.

green trail is good.. rainy day messed my shoes and was tough for probably a mile..

This is a very easy trail for families. I have hiked this trail several times. It's great payoff is a very cool waterfall/ gorge half way though. My 4 and 8 year kids old were able to negotiate the gorge fairly easy, making for a great family outdoor afternoon.

Was still flooded on the green trail and under water for portions of hike we could not cross. Overall a good day of hiking with my big sis.

I thought it was very scenic, for such an easy hike. We had my two and half year old in a jogging stroller. Pushing a stroller wasn't ideal but it worked and can be done. We cut the very last bit short as she started getting cranky, which is a great feature of this park. There are many trails that interconnect so you can easily shorten a trip if you need to. We will be back in the fall to check out the changing of the leaves!! Also there is a great nature park for kids to play in after your hike is over! :)

3 years ago

Nice hike. The trail was in decent shape even after heavy rain the day before. Only a few muddy spots.

Nice park with great facilities. This is a pretty easy hike with only a few minor hills. It is not the place if you are looking for wilderness but for a family with smaller children it would be perfect since there are several trails that interconnect in case you need to shorten the hike. The trails are very well marked (like all of the Dayton/Montgomery County MetroParks) and easy to follow; maps are even posted at most of the trail junctions. This is a great place for a family outing or, if you are an avid hiker, a nice place to get in several scenic miles close to home (from Dayton or the northern Cincinnati area).

There are three waterfalls along the green trail that are shown on the map but don't expect major cascades. They may flow more if there has been a lot of recent rain, but I also suspect they may not flow at all during dry times. Even so, they are scenic and still add to the experience.

Maybe the only down side is the park's proximity to the Dayton Airport which interrupts your hike/walk on occassion as aircraft takeoff or land. It is not a terribly busy airport, though, so not too much of a negative.