love it! the large steps are still closed, but the rest of the trail is still accessible. beautiful views.

I actually like these trails better without the beloved steps! the climb to Fort hill is much more gradual and enjoyable that way. You still get the rad vistas of cedar point and the rocky tiver, too. as others have said, the trails beyond the just the hill have a feeling of being very remote very quickly. don't leave out the mount Pleasant loop either. far less traveled and a real hoot

The trail is in a really enjoyable area. The steps are really steep. It is something around 90 ft from the bottom to the top. This particular trail has heavy traffic, but some of the other trails nearby have a much more remote feel about them.

Great view on the way up the 130 some steps from the Rocky River Visitor Center. Not much to the earthworks, but you can see how defendable that location was. Nice ridge and loop back down the hill.

2 years ago

Beautiful location, lots of wildlife activity, easy and tough slopes and stairs. I used to walk this trail every other day and never got sick of it!