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This park along the Cuyahoga River has waterfalls, hills, trails, and displays about early rural living. The Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail follows the Ohio and Erie Canal, where mules towed canal boats. The park has numerous historic homes, bridges, and structures.

6 days ago

Short and pretty. Ice box cave and the overlook with the Ledges everywhere makes this hike go be so fast. Lots of cool spots along this trail.

Hiked this section a few times. Not too bad. I really enjoyed the point to point hike I did with a couple friends and I from Jaite to Peninsula on the buckeye trail. I believe it was 12 miles but you get a real sense of the valley. The section from Jaite to Boston is maybe 6.5 miles? So an out and back would be a nice long day hike.

I have hiked the buckeye trail cvnp section many many times and the section between Boston and Peninsula is probobly the easiest and has the best views. Just have to imagine and pretend that the turnpike is not there in at one of the valley overlook spots along the way. I usually don't take the towpath back to Boston from Peninsula just do an out and back and it's a nice day hike through the valley. If you have a buddy with you you can always grab a cold drink at the Winking lizard in Peninsula before you head back too or grab a pint of Mitchell's ice cream from the trail mix store in Peninsula on a hot day and then head back to Boston.

13 days ago

beautiful view!! be sure to check out the ice box cave and the overlook. the whole trail is nice. bit tricky below the ledges with roots and such since it was icy but shouldn't be a problem for most people. good walk for dogs.

14 days ago

Went with the whole family, no emphasis on speed. We poked around down by the falls and climbed a couple of ravine faces. Ended up finding an old, rusted frame (horse-drawn perhaps?) made of steel and copper. Trail is well maintained and the falls were impressive. Hikeable for most, if not all people. Modest elevation gain/descent.

16 days ago

24 days ago

Nice trail with some long straight away stretches through the trail. Cross over route 303 to Happy Days lodge to pick up Haskell Run trail to The Ledges trail for an extended run/hike. A great trail for wildlife viewing.

Really nice hike

28 days ago

I absolutely love this hike. It's easy and beautiful!

See Stan's review below if you are coming from the Towpath. It can get a little confusing finding the start of the trail. Great trail a lot of mud during rains.