mountain biking
3 months ago

It was a lot to do in one long day, but we only carried water and started early. There are plenty of places to eat or pick up snacks so do not weigh yourself down.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Loved this ride. We stopped at several of the little eateries and stores along the way. We knew from other reviewers that they were there so we did not carry anything but a water bottle.

Ride every year

mountain biking
10 months ago

First thing is that gps will not get you to the beginning of the trail. We kind of jumped in the middle and didn't know where we were at, at all. We were by a bunch of factories. But I had a great time, we got to see 2 buck and a doe about 20 feet from us. All in all it was a great time. I'de do it again if I could find the trail start.

Trail goes a 73ish miles from Newton to Xenia. I've only done 100 miles on this trail. This year I plan on looping the whole thing.
Trail is pretty smooth and level the entire way. I'm not too fond of the town Loveland. It's a nice haven for bikers but not a good place when you're trying to keep cadence.

We really enjoyed the flat but scenic road biking along the Little Miami Scenic Trail. We stayed in a campsite near Morrow, which gave us a good place to start from.

On Saturday we rode 30 miles (60 miles, round trip) to Xenia, where we had lunch at Nick's.
On Sunday we rode 15 miles (30 miles, round trip) to Loveland, and had another nice lunch.

We really enjoyed being able to stop in a trail town and have lunch. There were place along the trail to stop and eat, refill our water or use the restroom. It makes for an easy ride, if you're looking to get a lot of mileage. The trail is pretty well maintained and you don't have to deal with cars very often. Do be weary of the road crossing though it can be hard to see the cars coming at some of the crossings.

I wish I'd brought less water and gear though. You can travel very light, since there are so many places to stop and resupply. Next time, I'll bring less stuff for the ride.

I finally got to ride this trail 3 times last fall. First times to Morrow---26 miles round trip, the last time to Lebanon--32 miles round trip, which was a way more challenging ride.. Oh and when you get into Lebanon, go left.....not you won't find their historic downtown if you go right........ I hope to do an extended ride and not just squeeze it into my off day.....

whitewater kayaking
2 years ago

On this river several times a month. great way to relax!!

My family and I use this trail often throughout the summer. As our children get older the distance we travel on this trail gets longer. At least once a month we get on at Newtown, ride up to Milford for lunch and walking / shopping around Old Milford then on up to Loveland before turning around and coming back. There are several places along the way that would make perfect spots to have a picnic, fish / swim in the river, or just stop to enjoy the scenery. I am currently planning an extended overnight ride from Newtown to Caesar Creek and back (while stopping periodically to “smell the roses”) over a weekend (90 Miles) in the near future as this trail will be excellent for something like that.

Always love this trail! Use it very often from Springfield down past Milford. Plenty of places to stop and eat, relax, take a side canoe trip... Rich in history. Plenty of places to stop and stay in a hotel or camp nearby. Mostly flat down past Xenia. Also many places to stop to have a quick fix done to your bike. It is close to everything but very serene. My favorite multi use trail.

I rode part of this trail from Milford OH to a point 30 miles out toward the Xenia station trail head and returned to my original starting point. The ride was very scenic . Most of the trail was canopied by the forest. The trail winds through the woods along the Little Miami river. There are plenty of watering holes and eateries along the trail as you pass through small OH towns which were once served by the railroad. There are a lot of critters living along the river and lovers of wildlife will be pleased to see and encounter the various animals along the route. The route is shared by walkers,joggers and cyclists. I found everyone very friendly. I would recommend this rife to anyone who is either traveling through or living in the area. Very nice ride on a well maintained asphalt trail

mountain biking
5 years ago

This is the trail that will satisfy any biker. The trail is straight almost the entire trail. You ride right next to a river and pass through so many towns dedicated to those on the trail. You get a bit of city and nature. Nothing hard about this trail unless you decide to just go as far as thy feet can carry. Not just for bikers, this trail can accommodate walkers, skaters and more. There are rest stops with benches every so often. Anyone who would like to meet up and bike this trail should feel free to contact me.