Caesar Creek State Park is highlighted by clear blue waters, scattered woodlands, meadows and steep ravines The 3,741-acre park offers some of the finest outdoor recreation in southwest Ohio including boating, hiking, camping and fishing

one of my favorite places to hike

Pretty nice easy trail very pretty

I was so happy to get back to hiking after several days of biking. But they say be careful what you wish for because it may come true. This was a very long day. But beautiful views along the way.

The lake is gorgeous. The hike is a very long day but very worth every step of it.

I hiked the perimeter trail about a year ago. My plan was to spend the night along the way, but I ended up hiking the whole trail in one day. It was raining, so I decided just to head home. There are some nice views of the lake, a waterfall and a swinging bridge along the way. There was some road walking at both ends of the lake, which I'm not a fan of. It was a nice hike overall, though.

A video of my trip can by found on my YouTube channel at the link below.

Nice little trail, not too much traffic even on a Labor Day. Very well marked trail with both bright orange blazes as well as periodic signs of "you are here, go this way". Moderate terrain with only a few ups and downs. Good lake views in various spots.

Great family hike.

3 months ago

Loved it! This is the Fork Trail and goes on forever but is by far not boring. Starts at a playground, into the woods, out to the open by the water, back into the woods to a small waterfall, and to a swinging bridge. Will go again!

Good trail. Some decent elevation

I thought this was a great trail for those complaining it was to narrow or there was to many spider webs stop being a wine bag. It's called hiking and it's the woods. It took me 4 hours and 1 min to complete this trail I just didn't like that some of the off trials were closed, but I'll definitely be coming back.

great for someone who just wants to walk in the meadow. the over all raring was moderate but I would have said easy.

it's very peacful place

The route shown is not the waterfall route. It is a loop through a field.

We started at the boot ramp off of the SR 73 just after 9. We then went East (clockwise) around the lake. It took us around 5 hours and 30 minutes with breaks/lunch to complete. (We stopped for lunch at the visitors center which was a great break a little over half way.) Overall, the trail was okay. It was muddy and overgrown in several areas but the trees provided shade which was great. The most disappointing part was the lack of trail markings in some areas, especially on roads. Often, we guessed which way to go, hoping it was right. There were some beautiful parts like the falls and rivers but the poor markings killed our enthusiasm. Again, it was overall okay. My advice would be to avoid going when it has rained, find a stick to use to clear spider webs from the path, and note that the west side of the lake is more hilly so plan your route accordingly. Happy trails!

awesome lol

I simply love it here trails are well maintained and lots of picnic tables and bbq areas lol

mountain biking
8 months ago


Carrying a bike up stairs LIKE FIVE TIMES sucked so badly..

Why'd this trail come up good for mountain biking? Straight lies.

The trail was so pretty though and by foot I would have enjoyed myself.